5 reasons the US should become friends with Russia

There are many pros and no cons

1. The Economic Future 

The recent ‘One Belt–One Road’ forum in China demonstrates that the weight of global economic might is shifting east and is doing so rapidly. With few exceptions, the economies of Europe and other traditional US allies are stagnating or otherwise have little meaningful to offer.

Good relations between Moscow and Washington could help America join the club of the economic future, something America is still better placed to do than tired old Europe.

2. Cooperation Against Terrorism 

Donald Trump realised the benefits of Russia-US cooperation against terrorism during his campaign. He was certainly correct. Russia has experience both fighting and winning battles against radical Wahhabi style jihadists both in Russia and in the Middle East.

The US cannot be taken seriously as a fighter in the war against terrorism that America named, unless the US puts security above economic alliances with terrorist sponsoring states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It’s a tall order for the deep state, but if it was done, the American people would be safer.

3. No Meaningful Competition For Territory 

America is far away from Russia. With the exception of  Alaska, Russia is nowhere near US territory. Unless Latvia, Poland and Georgia (the country) decide to become three new states, Russia and the US operate in different regions of the world.

The age of imperialism is over, the age of regional interests based on international law is upon us.

The US ought to get used to this modern reality and stop fighting the Cold War.

4. Christianity 

Many individuals in America’s heartland are horrified by the post-modern, anti-Christian, anti-traditional ‘values’ that are seen in the big coastal cities of America.

Modern Russia is a moderately conservative nation where Christian values and the Orthodox church play a positive role in shaping the wider social atmosphere.

Many US Christians who oppose the degeneracy of parts of the west are growing ever more fond of Russia. There is good reason for this, Russia has set an example for how to balance modernity, tolerance, Christianity and prosperity. These are all deeply conservative values.


5. Culture

The novels of Dostoevsky, poetry of Pushkin, music of Tchaikovsky and yes, the vodka Americans drink (with mixed results) are all very Russian, but they are also international.

Russian culture is truly an international culture. When people listen to the great Russian composers they’re not thinking about politics, they’re enjoying a Russian artistic gift to the world and to human civilisation.

There’s no reason that people in the US who love Russian culture should feel artificially disconnected from the people who made it. Most Russians also watch American films and drink as much Coca-Cola as they do Kvass.

We’re living in a connected world. Let’s embrace it rather than build artificial divides.




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