Over 40 Russian women, children to return from Syria, Iraq in coming days

Over 40 Russian women and children are expected to return from territories previously controlled by the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq and Syria

(Sputnik) – “Over 40 women and children are expected to arrive Moscow in the coming days,” Kadyrov said in an interview with the NTV broadcaster.

The Chechen leader added that he had received pleas for help from women with children, who had been left in Afghanistan by their husbands. They were transferred to Afghanistan after Daesh started losing ground in Syria and Iraq.

About 100 women and children have already returned to Russia from Iraq and Syria. The process was launched in August after the RT broadcaster filmed a Baghdad orphanage housing Russian children, whose parents smuggled them out of the country, joined terrorists and then gave them up after the liberation of Iraq’s Mosul.

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