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4 reasons Israeli and allied aggression against Syria must be condemned

Israel has yet again fired on Syrian troops near al-Quneitra in the Golan Heights. This comes as for over a week, Israel has been consistently hitting Syrian targets in the region where the Syrian Arab Army is engaged in fierce fighting with al-Qaeda/al-Nusra terrorists.

Due to the consistency of these attacks from Israel, it is necessary for the United Nations to condemn Israel’s atrocities.

Here are the reasons Israel should be condemned by the UN.

1. Israel is acting without legal justification. 

Israel cannot justify its attacks on Syria. Syria is not threatening Israel and judging by the fact that Israel often treats wounded al-Qaeda terrorists in its hospitals, al-Qaeda is clearly not a threat to Israel either.

The internal struggle for Syrian survival should not be molested by any foreign state or non-state power unless explicitly given permission by the Syrian government or the United Nations.

Israel has been given no such permission and of course, never will be.

Therefore, Israel’s attacks on sovereign Syrian territory without provocation are war crimes.

2. Israel must withdraw from occupied Syrian territory and respect Syrian territorial integrity 

Since 1967, Israel has occupied a large portion of the Gloan Heights. The Golan Heights in its entirety is recognised by the UN and every UN member-state as Syrian territory. Israel must peacefully and immediately withdraw from this territory.

3. Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, the USA, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Hamas, al-Qaeda and ISIS must be jointly condemned for infringing upon Syrian’s sovereignty and territorial integrity

All of the aforementioned countries and groups have at one time or another, including at present, violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

The UN’s primary goal is to defend the rights of nations to exist without interference in their sovereign affairs and without illegal foreign activity, including military activity from happening on their territory.

These acts against Syrian sovereignty must be unequivocally condemned.

4. Sanctions are terrorism

The UN must condemn all countries which are participating in or helping the process of sanctioning Syria. These sanctions, even more than the terrorist attacks upon Syria have caused a human rights disaster and should be understood as a crime against humanity which has deprived the Syrian people of much needed medical supplies.

If the UN passed such a resolution, it would go a long way in restoring the body’s credibility before the eyes of the wider world. Of course, such a resolution would only be possible as a non-binding General Assembly resolution. Were such a statement to be brought before the Security Council, it would of course be vetoed by the Untied States and its allies.

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