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2040: The Unipolar World to Come

Submitted by John Beasley…

It does not take much imagination to conclude that the Unipolar world is to be directed under the auspices of the United Nations. The U.S.A. is simply a tool to be used to usher in this Unipolar One World Order. Ironically, at the same time the U.S.A. is exerting its military hegemony around the world, the U.S. Federal Government and the Western oligarchs are reportedly sending huge amounts of cash out to Asia, as they strip the industrial heartland of the U.S.A. by relocating factories to Asia. The agricultural heartland continues to be sold off to multinational corporations incorporated out of China. We are supposed to believe that Chinese investors are buying out the U.S.A.. We are not supposed to realize that the U.S.A. is being bought out by the same globalist oligarchs who are sometimes incorporated in the USA, sometimes incorporated in Britain, sometimes incorporated in Japan, and sometimes incorporated in Europe.

The Western oligarchs that setup the United Nations after World War II, as a replacement for the failing European colonialism, are now ready to transfer control to this “World Organization.” Interestingly, the U.S. oligarchs are so confident in their vision for this New World Order that they count upon Europe, China, Japan and perhaps Russia to protect U.S. global investments, even as they use the U.S. military to enforce compliance with their New World Order agenda. Currently, many people are breathing a sigh of relief, as they see this push for a Unipolar world order has stalled and perhaps even ground to a halt.

A good case can be made that the hard work of establishing a Unipolar World Government has not even been completed. For the United Nations to operate a managerial role, they will need to address a number of problems that face every nation state as it moves from regional autonomy toward national hegemony. The question that we need to ask, where is the United Nations going to get people, land, and revenue?


The United Nations faces many of the same issues faced by the U.S. Federal Government since 1889. The United Nations, like the U.S. Federal Government does not own any people. In the United States the people belong to their respective states, just as in Europe the people are citizens of their respective nations, not the European Union. The U.S. Federal Government did not own any people until after the American Civil War in 1865. After the American Civil War ended, the U.S. Federal Government enacted the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Basically, the 14th Amendment moves all the newly freed black people into the “protective custody” of the U.S. Federal Government. The black people became the “wards” of the U.S.

Federal Government. If we discount the Native Americans, who were largely killed off, these were the first people who belonged to the U.S. Federal Government. One would surmise that as of 1965, one hundred years after the end of the American Civil War when slavery was abolished, the 14th Amendment would have been repealed, as all the former slaves would have been dead. The U.S. Federal Government held onto the descendents of their black subjects, and the program was sometimes referred to as “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” Black people have a difficult time living normal lives in the U.S.A. because their lives must constantly be in turmoil to prove that they need the Federal Government to protect them.

Instead of repealing the 14th Amendment in 1965 the U.S. Federal Government expanded that “protection program” from the freed black slaves to anyone who was not adequately protected by state laws. This tactic allowed the U.S. Federal Government to maintain an umbrella of control and to justify revenue expenditures.

After 1965 a wide variety of people were recruited for the Federal protection program. Many groups of people needed protection, Jews and Muslims, Roman Catholics, Native Americans, Veterans, and non-white immigrants who could be counted as blacks. In 1991 in a brilliant maneuver, all disabled and handicap people were brought under Federal protection. Women, with right to work laws, were brought under a federal protection program. Sexually divergent and sexually fluid people were later brought under Federal protection. The newest group to require federal protection is the illegal immigrants.

Eventually, the only people left behind, and adequately represented by the state governments of the United States are “healthy” white people. Healthy white people are, of course, the natural enemy of the Federal Government, and by extension the enemy of all the other groups who require U.S. Federal protection. However, if white people would allow themselves to be attacked, then they would also qualify for U.S. Federal Government protection. Likewise, if Christians were to be attacked by Muslims and Jews, then they would qualify for U.S. Federal protection as well. The United Nations faces similar problems to the ones faced by the U.S. Federal Government, they need to find people who are not owned and protected by the national governments around the world. An example might be huge migrant populations displaced across Europe and Asia looking for assistance. This might provide a good opportunity for the United Nations to build a protection program.


Another issue facing the U.S. Federal Government, and one that faces the United Nations, is the ownership of land. The American land grants and charters from European nations had been issued to the individual colonies, which became the states. In most cases the land grants defined the territory of the state. The U.S. Federal Government did not own any land in 1789. The great state of Virginia gave them “swamp-land” to drain on which they could build a capital for their Federal Government.

To own land, the U.S. Federal Government had to buy land from France, Russia, Spain and England. They had to capture land mostly from Spain, Mexico and the Native Americans. They had to protect some lands, such as the “Indian lands.” Then it was found that islands in the Caribbean and across the Pacific Ocean were not being properly protected by other nations. In the end the U.S. Federal Government became the largest landowner in the United States of America. In a similar fashion, the United Nations could take control of all the wildlife sanctuaries and forest preserves and they could call them “World Heritage Sites.” This would give the United Nations a land base from which to operate.


Another issue the U.S. Federal Government faced was revenue. The U.S. Federal Government relied almost exclusively on the import tariff taxes for about eighty years until 1913. In fact, the dramatic increase in those tariffs in 1860 was the immediate cause of the American Civil War and the rebellion of the state governments. Tariffs were the primary revenue for the U.S. Federal Government until the U.S. Federal Government began to collect “income tax” from private citizens and businesses in 1913.

The United Nations faces similar problems, where and how are they going to add additional “world taxation” that allows them to gain power and to be able to support an oligarchy? A carbon tax, which could equate to an income tax and could be expanded to all sorts of carbon based issues. A carbon tax could be a consumption tax, a population tax, a production tax, or a resource usage tax. China could end up owing taxes on 1.4 billion people. The U.S.A. could owe taxes on personal consumption, while Russia could owe a tax on lumber and natural resources production. A carbon tax has the potential to generate substantial revenues for the United Nations and support a world oligarchy.

There is a consensus that the revenue streams from the current industrial business models are subject to serious disruption in the next 10 to 20 years. The industrial business models that the Western economies have relied upon for the last 150 years are not sustainable. If the oligarchs are to remain in power and prosper a new business model will have to be implemented. According to some accounts the United Nations wants a world government in place by 2040. It will be interesting to see how this Unipolar World Order plays out in the next 20 years. thantwelve-years

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Josh Codsright
Josh Codsright
August 22, 2019

This is one of the weakest attacks on Federalism I’ve ever read. It’s full of non-sequitur statements. You think only Blacks were disadvantaged in the USA? Ever read about the working conditions, working hours, and pathetic wages that the working class, mostly blacks, were subjected to? Labor had to struggle long and hard against creditors, industry owners, mine owners, state officials etc. Also, the civil war wasn’t started because of tariffs. It started because of internal and externally-sponsored dissent within the US ruling elite. It was in the British Empire’s interest to weaken the US. The North was industrialized while… Read more »

John Beasley
John Beasley
Reply to  Josh Codsright
August 23, 2019

It is not an attack on Federalism. It is an attack on the concept that a unipolar world is collapsing because the BRICs nations are turning against the USA and slowing down or stopping their agenda. As for the other poor classes of people, did the Federal government amend the constitution to protect those other people? No. Everyone has their own pet theory about the cause of the Civil War. The fact is, the tariffs were raised excessively. It would have ruined the Southern Economy. Charleston was the largest port in the USA in 1859-1860. That was the match that… Read more »

August 22, 2019

WTF is this nonsense?

John Beasley
John Beasley
August 23, 2019

A non sequitur (English: /ˌnɒnˈsɛkwɪtər/; Classical Latin: [noːn ˈsɛkᶣɪtʊr] “it does not follow”) is a conversational literary device, often used for comedic purposes.

August 23, 2019

Dude, there won’t even BE a UN in a few years, never-mind an all-powerful group of retarded lard-ass bureaucrats that make even the stooges in Brussels look competent.

You want a glimpse of the future in say 150 years? Think Russian Federation of Planets.

John Beasley
John Beasley
Reply to  IllyaK
August 28, 2019

hope you are right.

August 23, 2019

These guys are smiling because they are part of “the Family”….of God and Jesus evangelical freaks distorting Jesus, that are intent on religion…theirs….taking over. The NEW WORLD ORDER, EVANGELICAL + KEY JEW government (NEOCONS)…should bigly be feared.

Or maybe you believe Trump is the King of the Jews that God has been waiting for…and next is to cleanse earth by fire (nuke war)!

God gave us wisdom and the ability NOT to use it.

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