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1st Amendment applies only for Israeli Firsters

Republican Congressman Crenshaw was asked about laws that demand contractors in the US to sign a pledge that they will not boycott Israel [such a law was passed in Texas]. Similar legislation was attempted at the federal level. Attention was also brought to a law passed by the state of Florida, which prohibits anti-semitism in public schools and universities. The law is specifically written to conflate any criticism of the Israeli state with anti-semitism. “In spite of our unique and historic alliance [with Israel], these laws are obviously flagrant and troubling violations of the First Amendment to free speech,” the man in the audience said. “Will you [Congressman Crenshaw] honor your oath [to protect the Constitution] and denounce these laws here, now, and forever?”

Right off the bat, Crenshaw pursued the path of sophistry, ad hominems and straw men, telling the guy in the audience that “[you’re] cloaking yourself in the 1st Amendment” as a pretext to engage in “vehement anti-Semitism.” The questioner said “I wouldn’t presume my intentions,” as Crenshaw was attacking him; and a few sheeple in the audience ridiculously said “let him [the Republican Israel-Firster Congressman] answer,” which of course he wasn’t – he wasn’t answering the question, he was attacking the questioner’s character, presuming him a Jew hater. Crenshaw, visibly pissed off, said he would “reveal” the “intentions” of the questioner “because I know who you guys are.” The pivot to the BDS movement was wholly a parallel subject, and even the man in the audience said he wasn’t referring to BDS, but to the spirit and letter of the law [of the 1st Amendment] being trampled by such blatant anti-free speech legislation [at state and federal level].

Watch the two minute exchange here and judge for yourselves.

Note: this is the same type of bs that traditional, brainwashed tories and liberals used against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her comment “it’s all about the benjamins,” referring to all the AIPAC funds going to democrats and republicans alike, so that in return, they get the US to do Israel’s dirty business in the Middle East. To borrow Trump’s [in]famous pledge and change it up a little, Israel is going to ruin the Middle East, and the US will pay for it [money, equipment, and lives].

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