12 year old runner steals the show at Athens Half Marathon

The ancient spirit of athletics remains alive and well in Greece today

The Athens Half Marathon was held on Sunday amidst mild temperatures in Athens. Over 25,000 participants ran in the seventh annual edition of the half-marathon, co-organized by the Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association (SEGAS) and the City of Athens.
In the men’s race, Kostas Gelaouzos finished first with a time of 1:08:30, followed by Giorgos Tassis (1:09:23) and Christoforos Merousis (1:09:49).
In the women’s race, Eleftheria Petrolaki was the big winner with a time of 1:20:01, followed by Rania Rempouli (1:20:26) and Denise Dimaki (1:23:56).
Stealing the show, however, at Sunday’s event was 12-year old Glykeria Skagou, who finished third in the 5 kilometer race, which began at Syntagma Square in central Athens, with a time of 19:52.
At the other end of the spectrum, also stealing the show was 87-year old competitor Stelios Prassas, the holder of eight Panhellenic records, who ran the full 21.1 kilometer race in under three hours, finishing with a time of 2:54:34. Reportedly, Prassas plans to participate once again in next year’s race.
Full results are available here:

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