10 CRAZY Russian inventions that will blow your mind

After watching these photos, you will question what is normal and what is crazy.

1. Russians are famous for their creativity.

2. …and innovative solutions.

3. Have you heard of the loud speaker backpack? Russians have.

4. How about the toilet-seat ball?

5. Forget girlish bathrooms – Russian tough guys do it in the excavator shovel.

6. These Russian guys became famous for turning their living room into a swimming pool. How cool is that?!

7. In Russia, cutting food with a knife is considered boring. So Russian men found a different solution.

8. And the younger generation has followed their example.

9. Russians are also very creative when it comes to sports…

10. But we must admit there are still some things in Russia that, in spite of our greatest efforts, we cannot find any explanation for…

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June 16, 2017

Thanks for the laugh!!!

June 16, 2017

Can’t say anymore that people of Russia don’t have a sense of humor!…
When we were kids here in the US we were taught by everybody (who clearly believed it themselves) that Russian people were hard core, grim, desperate, downtrodden, even dangerous, and certainly they were never depicted smiling for ANY reason..
Only Stalin was ever seen in pictures smiling!

Propaganda is very similar to prostitution, it comes in many disguises, but it is ALL very effective when the perpetrators can manage to keep TRUTH away from the masses.

May the Universe bless the internet~!!!

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