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WATCH: Debate show gets violent after a Polish commentator calls Russians ‘red fascists’

An audience at a taping of a Russian debate show learned that free speech isn’t always without its cuts and bruises. During a debate on Russia’s role in The Great Patriotic War and how it allowed for the liberation of Europe, a far-right Polish commentator Tomasz Maciejczuk said that Russian journalist Ruslan Ostashko’s ancestors were ‘red fascists’.

Because Russians sacrificed over 20 million people to defeat fascism, calling any Russian a fascist is a grave insult. Maciejczuk is a well know provocateur and used the epithet to intentionally inflame the debate.

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Ostashko did not take the insult sitting down and a fist fight erupted in the television studio. Not to feel left out, a Ukrainian commentator, Elena Boyko joined in the fracas.

Now watch the action as it unfolded on Russian television.

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