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Trump wants a meeting with Putin, at the White House

The Russiagate hoax is likely why the two leaders still haven’t had a proper meeting

Up to date, Presidents Trump and Putin have not yet had the opportunity to have a fruitful meeting to discuss serious issues like relations between the two countries, cooperation on an international level, foreign policy, etc. The fact that they haven’t been able to meet yet is likely the result of the Russiagate media hoax that has effectively had Trump afraid of media accusations of collusion.

Of course, the Russiagate hoax has had a negative impact on foreign policy and domestic politics as it has dominated the media and acted as a roadblock from any form of diplomacy between the two countries. Hopefully, all of that is soon to change.

A productive meeting between these two world leaders could hopefully lead to the mending of bridges and possible cooperation between their respective countries. This would be mutually beneficial to both nations, as well as the entire planet.

When US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke via telephone on March 20th, Trump, in addition to congratulating Putin on his reelection, suggested that they get together and meet in DC, possibly at the White House itself. Other topics of the phone call included the fight against terrorism and addressing the emergence of a new arms race.

Preparations for such a meeting, however, haven’t been conducted, and the prospect remains a potentiality, one which has realized some interruption with the expulsion of some Russian diplomats. To date, however, Presidents Trump and Putin have only had the opportunity to meet in person on two occasions: briefly during the G20 Summit in Hamburg, last July, and on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam in November.

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