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Trump tweet about China reveals a bit of backstory about North Korean progress

Twitter broadcast shows that Mr Trump is not an egomaniac, that he appreciates the cooperation of anyone who helps, even leaders of rival nations

On Saturday, March 10, US President Donald Trump let the “Twitterverse” – and through it, the world, know something important.

As always, the Donald continues to show his deal-making acumen, and also, not a little bit of charm.

The mark of a good statesman is certainly in not trying to take all the credit for something good, but to share the real truth – that it takes many people working together to get things done, and everyone involved should get credit.

The responses on Twitter to this message are largely critical and negative, as is the pattern, but there are strong favorable responses from people that understand statesmanship.

So the fun continues. President Trump is showing himself to be what he always was – a very good negotiator, great dealmaker, and a person who seems very pragmatic – living within the ideas of common sense. Many of the criticisms reflect a lack of all of these qualities. While only time will tell as to how effective the Korean meeting will be, there is every indication that the right people are on the job.

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