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The EU Is Tearing the UK Apart Over Brexit

The politicians are trying to do the impossible with an angry electorate – betray their wishes and blame the other guy.




Authored by Tom Luongo via The Strategic Culture Foundation:

Brexit has been a fascinating thing to watch. Despite all of the twists and turns, the incomprehensible motions, legal maneuvers and behavior of Prime Minister Theresa “I Surrender” May, for me there’s been a simple through-line to it all.

The EU does not want Brexit and if it were to happen it will inflict incredible damage to the British political system and its integrity.

This is really no different than what happened in Greece in 2015. And it was directed by Angela Merkel than and it is being directed by Merkel today.

The EU’s intransigence in negotiations, aside from it having no other option, is an elaborate bluff to separate and divide the British political class, now that the people have voted to leave.

It preyed on the divisions within the U.K.’s structure, empowering Scottish ‘nationalists,’ the SNP, while offering power to the eternal victim-status seeking Labour leadership. It knew it had a Tory leadership willing to play ball with them to find a way to deliver BRINO – Brexit in Name Only – and a civil service that would provide all the supporting data to gaslight millions.

The hysteria over a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit is akin to the hysteria we’re seeing among the hard-left over Climate Change. So, I found it fitting watching a bunch of bare-assed, self-absorbed British watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside – disrupting Parliament this week.

Both are built on foundations of sand. And both are expressions of the fear that their narratives and political power have peaked and are now on the down side. And when people begin to feel the loss of power and the fear kicks in, they become more desperate and more willing to cheat to win.

Make no mistake, the EU is cheating here. Billions in free advertising for their union is at their beck and call and put into the mouths of MPs, Cabinet Ministers and the media to peddle the worst and most disingenuous arguments against Brexit.

And that pressure is causing real cracks in the British political system.

While Labour, the SNP and the new Independent Group try to paint Brexit as some “Tory psychodrama” for political gains to blame shift their own betrayal of voters the Tories themselves are now fracturing under the pressure somewhat.

From Nick Boles resigning from the party after his ‘Common Market 2.0’ proposal failed to Richard Drax’s mea culpa for mistakenly voting for the May/Merkel Surrender Treaty on March 29th we’re seeing the effects this is having on everyone.

Some of it is Kabuki theatre to be sure. Boles’ resignation was an obvious stunt meant to shame MPs. Even Drax’s regrets had an air of worry over the voter backlash for betraying the Leave vote.

And look at the results. Arch-Remainer and former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, who spent months working with EU officials to strategize openly on how to betray Brexit now faces de-selection from his constituents.

That’s what it takes to get rid of these people. The so-called Independent Group resigned from their parties and refused to call by-elections to confirm their seats. This is completely against all political protocol and an insult to their constituents. But what would you expect from an arrogant, self-important ignoramus like Anna Soubry?

The reason the EU’s plan to scuttle Brexit is failing is precisely because of what I saw months ago – the British people want their will, no matter how flawed, respected. And the political class is too consumed with its own self-righteousness that it cannot see this.

The entire process has made a mockery of the democratic institutions that exist across the West.

And that was precisely the effect the EU wanted out of all of this. Because even if they lose the latest Battle of Britain, they win in creating the philosophical case as to why direct representation is a stupid form of government.

The EU is dream arrangement for globalists. It is an unelected leadership mostly immune from the changes in demographics and voter opinions pushing humanity, a base and unruly lot in their mind, towards their chosen outcomes.

By exposing the divisions and corruption of the world’s oldest parliament the EU is furthering the argument for its inevitability in the minds of the younger generation in Britain, setting older, more experienced Leavers against younger, less worldly Remainers.

But it’s not working as well as they expected. The fear campaign has radicalized the hard-core Remain camp. They were always going to be who they are. What it hasn’t done is soften the middle of the electorate. In fact, if anything, they’ve hardened in their stance that they don’t want to be ruled by either Westminster or Brussels.

Now this is music to my libertarian ears, of course, because it highlights what happens when the costs of the political and economic status quo rise above the benefits of it – anger and rebellion.

We’re seeing it in France. We’ve yet to truly see it in Italy. And we’re only beginning to see it in Britain.

The politicians are trying to do the impossible with an angry electorate – betray their wishes and blame the other guy.

Theresa May, in the words of one of my followers, “is acting like a used-car salesman wearing down a mark.”

But her act has worn thin and so has the bullying act in Brussels. And the same can be said for the multiple levels of betrayal of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

As we approach April 12th, May will try her blackmail scheme one more time to satisfy her puppet-masters, this time trying to bring Corbyn into her vortex of failure, while deeper divisions are revealed within the House of Commons and more MPs resign, threaten and whine about the looming catastrophe of ‘extremists.’

The United Kingdom may not survive Brexit in its current form. But many who are pushing for disunion, the Scots, may find themselves surprised when they themselves have to face their voters.

And that would leave the EU wondering what went wrong, as they got everything they wanted – a broken, divided U.K. – and still lost the war.

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Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb

The way I see it, and have said so more than once, the entire EU notion was a big mistake. All member nations have surrendered much too much sovereignty. Up to a point I can understand the UK – but not the mess this Brexit is causing. The UK wants the right to govern itself without any outside interference. I look at Brussels as being a straight jacket. A European Commonwealth – as the British Commonwealth, would have been more sensible.


So many spectres of old coming to bear on the avaricious UK. As Many of old see the EU for what it aspires to be, the balk and betray the same notions of Westminster of centuries past. Long my Westminster suffer the indignaties bestowed on those they deemed poor or unworthy and forever change their hearts as now, more than ever, does Westminster need those who they have failed so frequently. First we cast off the yoke of the EU, then we dissolve the spent and used powers of the capital. We let those who would seek their own destiny… Read more »

Olivia Kroth

The EU is a rapacious monster. A monstrosity, created to subdue and exploit European nations. No single European citizen has been able to vote “yes” or “no” for entry or non-entry. We were all simply devoured. In you go! And no complaints! There is no way out. Once in, then you are in forever.


Once there was a balance particularly in the UK towards the middle and end of the last century where folks taking themselves too seriously were likely to reconsider their positions after watching TV series like Yes Minister, Absolutely Fabulous, Blackadder and Drop The Dead Donkey. Such programs both entertained and kept the a lot of the official and semi-official propagandists honest. In the USA shows like Mash, Cheers, South Park and Seinfeld served the same purpose. The last 30 years however has seen the balance change resulting in the death of humor and the rise of official and semi-official institutions… Read more »


Drawing and Quartering the UK in public would be a deliciously nostalgic walk through English history.

John Doran
John Doran

The Brexit fiasco has revealed that our “Mother of Parliaments” is full of spineless traitors, liars, crooks & fools. Bottom line is that the Brit people voted OUT, but the political class want IN. It seems we no longer live in a democracy. We live in an anti-democratic Fascist EU. However this ongoing Punch & Judy Show pans out, the muppet MPs in our Parliament know that a General Election looms. Our pervert Prime Minister Ted Heath lied us into this Fascist austerity factory EU, & our politics has been an ever deepening cesspit of fabrications since: only about 5… Read more »


Peace on Korean Peninsula within reach, if only Trump can remove Pompeo & Bolton (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 152.

Alex Christoforou



RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou discuss the results of the Putin-Kim summit in Vladivostok, Russia, aimed at boosting bilateral ties between the two neighboring countries, as well as working to contribute to a final peace settlement on the Korean peninsula.

Putin’s meeting with Kim may prove to be a pivotal diplomatic moment, as North Korea continues to work towards normalizing ties with the U.S. amidst ongoing denuclearization talks with the Trump White House.

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Via the BBC…

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un needs international security guarantees if he is to end his nuclear programme.

Such guarantees would need to be offered within a multinational framework, he added, following talks near Vladivostok in Russia’s far east.

Mr Kim praised the summit as a “very meaningful one-on-one exchange”.

Mr Putin said North Korea’s leader was “fairly open” and had “talked freely on all issues that were on the agenda”.

The meeting followed the breakdown of talks between the US and North Korea in February, when Mr Kim met US President Donald Trump in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

Those talks reportedly stalled over North Korea’s demand for full economic sanctions relief in return for some denuclearisation commitments – a deal the US was not willing to make.

Speaking after the talks on Thursday, Mr Putin said he wanted to see full denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula.

But he said this could only be achieved through respect for international law.

“We need to restore the power of international law, to return to a state where international law, not the law of the strongest, determines the situation in the world,” he said.

Mr Kim greeted Russian officials warmly when he arrived in Russia on Wednesday.

The North Korean leader was entertained by a brass band in Vladivostok before he got inside a car flanked by bodyguards, who – in now familiar scenes – jogged alongside the vehicle as it departed.

What do we know about the summit?

According to the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin believes the six-party talks on North Korea, which are currently stalled, are the only efficient way of addressing the issue of nuclear weapons on the peninsula.

Those talks, which began in 2003, involve the two Koreas as well as China, Japan, Russia and the US.

“There are no other efficient international mechanisms at the moment,” Mr Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

“But, on the other hand, efforts are being made by other countries. Here all efforts merit support as long as they really aim at de-nuclearisation and resolving the problem of the two Koreas.”

What do both sides want?

This visit is being widely viewed as an opportunity for North Korea to show it has powerful allies following the breakdown of the talks with the US in February.

The country has blamed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the collapse of the Hanoi summit. Earlier this month North Korea demanded that Mr Pompeo be removed from nuclear talks, accusing him of “talking nonsense” and asking for someone “more careful” to replace him.

The summit is also an opportunity for Pyongyang to show that its economic future does not depend solely on the US. Mr Kim may try to put pressure on Moscow to ease sanctions.

Analysts say the summit is an opportunity for Russia to show that it is an important player on the Korean peninsula.

President Putin has been eager to meet the North Korean leader for quite some time. Yet amid the two Trump-Kim summits, the Kremlin has been somewhat sidelined.

Russia, like the US and China, is uncomfortable with North Korea being a nuclear state.

How close are Russia and North Korea?

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union (of which Russia is the main successor state) maintained close military and trade links with its communist ally, North Korea, for ideological and strategic reasons.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, trade links with post-communist Russia shrank and North Korea leaned towards China as its main ally.

Under President Putin, Russia recovered economically and in 2014 he wrote off most of North Korea’s Soviet-era debt in a major goodwill gesture.

While it is arguable how much leverage Russia has with the North today, the communist state still regards it as one of the least hostile foreign powers.

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Putin meets Kim for the first time (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 151.

Alex Christoforou



The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a look at the historic meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the city of Vladivostok in the Russian Far East.

The meeting marks the first ever summit between the two leaders.

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Via RT…

Leaders of Russia and North Korea sat down for a historic summit in Vladivostok, expressing hope it will revive the peace process in the Korean Peninsula and talks on normalizing relations with the US.

The summit on Russky Island, just off Vladivostok, started a little late because President Vladimir Putin’s flight was delayed. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had made the trip by train, arriving on Wednesday.

In brief public remarks before the talks, the two leaders expressed hope the summit will help move forward the reconciliation process in the Korean Peninsula. Putin welcomed Kim’s contributions to “normalizing relations” with the US and opening a dialogue with South Korea.

Kim said he hoped the Vladivostok summit would be a “milestone” in the talks about denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, but also build upon “traditionally friendly ties” between Russia and North Korea.

The North Korean leader also made a point of thanking Putin for flying all the way to Vladivostok for the meeting. The Far East Russian city is only 129 kilometers from the border with North Korea.

The historic summit takes place less than two months after Kim’s second summit with US President Donald Trump in Hanoi fell apart without a breakthrough on denuclearization. The US rejected North Korea’s request for partial sanctions relief in return for moves to dismantle nuclear and missile programs; Washington insists on full disarmament before any sanctions are removed.

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is the main subject of the Kim-Putin summit, but there will also be talks about bilateral relations, trade, and humanitarian aid. The first one-on-one meeting is scheduled to last about an hour, followed by further consultations involving other government officials.

Following the summit, Putin is scheduled to visit China.


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Kim And Putin: Changing The State Of The Board In Korea

The future of Korea could be decided by these two men today.




Authored by Tom Luongo:

Today is a big day for Korea. The first face-to-face summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un takes place.

At the same time the 2nd annual Belt and Road Forum kicks off in Beijing.

This meeting between Putin and Kim has been in the works for a while but rumors of it only surfaced last week. But don’t let the idea that this was put together at the last minute fool you.

It wasn’t.

The future of Korea could be decided by these two men today.

I know that sounds bold. But hear me out.

And while no one seems to think this meeting is important or that anything of substance will come from it I do. It is exactly the kind of surprise that Putin loves to spring on the world without notice and by doing so change the board state of geopolitics.

  • Russia’s entrance into Syria in 2015, two days after Putin’s historic speech at the U.N. General Assembly
  • 2018’s State of the Union address where he announced hypersonic missiles, embarrassing the U.S. Militiary-Industrial Complex which accelerated the Bolton Doctrine of subjugating the world
  • Flying 2 TU-160 nuclear-armed bombers to Venezuela, creating panic in D.C. leading to the ham-fisted regime change operations there.
  • Nationalization of Yukos.
  • The operation to secure Crimea from U.S. invasion by marines aboard the U.S.S Donald Cook during the Ukrainian uprising against Viktor Yanukovich.

Both Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping are angry at the breakdown of the talks in Hanoi back in February. It was clear that everyone expected that meeting to be a rubber stamp on a deal already agreed to by all parties involved.

In fact the two meetings between Kim and Trump were only possible because Trump convinced them of his sincerity to resolve the ‘denuclearization’ of North Korea which would clear a path to rapid reunification.

It’s why they went along with the U.S.’s increased sanctions on North Korea as administered through the U.N. in 2017.

That John Bolton and Mike Pompeo destroyed those talks and Trump was unwilling or unable (who cares at this point, frankly, useless piece of crap that he is) to stop them embarrassed and betrayed them.

They are now done with Trump.

He’ll get nothing from either of them or Kim until Trump can prove he’s in charge of his administration, which he, clearly, is not.

And they will be moving forward with their own agenda for security and Asian economic integration. So I don’t think the timing of this meeting with that of the Belt and Road Forum is an accident.

And that means moving forward on solving the Korea problem without Trump.

It is clear from the rhetoric of Putin’s top diplomat, the irreplaceable Sergei Lavrov, that Russia’s patience is over. They are no longer interested in what Trump wants and they will now treat the U.S. as a threat, having upped their military stance towards the U.S. to that of “Threat.”

If Bolton wants anything from Russia at this point he best be prepared to start a war or piss off.

This is also why Russia took the gloves off with Ukraine in the run up to the Presidential elections, cutting off energy and machinery exports with Ukraine.

To put paid Putin’s growing impatience with U.S. policies, he just issued the order to allow residents of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics to apply for Russian passports.

This will send Bolton into apoplexy. Angela Merkel of Germany will be none too pleased either. Putin is now playing hardball after years of unfailing politeness.

It’s also why Lavrov finalized arms and port deals all over the Middle East in recent weeks, including those with Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and India.

Bolton, Pompeo and Pence are ideologues. Trump is a typical Baby Boomer, who lives in a bubble of his own design and believes in an America that never existed.

None of them truly understand the fires they are stoking and simply believe in the Manifest Destiny of the U.S. to rule the world over a dim and barbaric world.

Putin, Xi, Rouhani in Iran and Kim in North Korea are pragmatic men. They understand the realities they live in. This is why I see Putin willing tomorrow to sit down with Kim and flaunt the U.N. sanctions and begin the investment process into North Korea that should have begun last year.

Putin would not be making these moves if he didn’t feel that Bolton was all bark and no bite when it came to actual war with Russia. He also knows that Germany needs him more than he needs Germany so despite the feet-dragging and rhetoric Nordstream 2 will go forward.

Trade is expanding between them despite the continued sanctions.

Putin may be willing to cut a deal with President-elect Zelensky on gas transit later in the year but only if the shelling of the LPR and DPR stops and he guarantees no more incidents in the Sea of Azov. This would also mollify Merkel a bit and make it easier for her politically to get Nordstream 2 over the finish line.

There are moments in history when people go too far. Bolton and Pompeo went too far in Hanoi. He will pay the price now. Putin and Kim will likely agree to something in Vladivostok that no one is expecting and won’t look like much at first.

But the reality is this summit itself marks a turning point in this story that will end with the U.S. being, in Trump’s transactional parlance, a “price taker” since it has so thoroughly failed at being a “price maker.”

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