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Trump coming to his senses? His latest tweet may suggest so

Latest tweet from US President hints at “delay” in launching military strike on Syria

Donald Trump continues to be unpredictable with his latest tweet on Syria suggesting that a military strike against Syria may be “postponed”

If a decision really has been made to “postpone” – or possibly even call off  – a strike, then that will allow more time for the OPCW to investigate the incident.

Donald Trump is however nothing if not unpredictable and this tweet might even be a ruse to put the Russians and the Syrians off their guard.

Against that, it seems that the Russian and US military are in constant touch over their deconfliction hotline, and the White House is apparently still saying that a final decision to launch a strike has still not been made.

The situation remains fraught and unpredictable and the world waits to see what the US and its President decide to do.

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