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Russian Kaspersky Lab & Microsoft find common ground

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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity company said Thursday that it plans to withdraw its complaints against IT giant Microsoft from the European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office (FCA), which were previously filed on the grounds that the global IT giant was using its dominant position on the market to unfairly promote its own antivirus solutions.

On Wednesday, Microsoft said that it managed to reach a settlement with the Kaspersky firm regarding complaints filed in Russia. The latter confirmed that the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) satisfied all points of its appeal against the IT giant.

“We are satisfied with the approach that Microsoft chose in implementing FAS warnings as well as with the terms of its fulfillment. We also are preparing an appeal to the European Commission and to the FCA that we no longer have any observations against Microsoft,”

the Kaspersky lab said.

The Russian cybersecurity company announced in June that it had sent a complaint to the European Commission and to the German Federal Cartel Office (FCA), stating that Microsoft had been using its dominant position on the market to unfairly promote its own antivirus solutions.

The FAS launched a case against Microsoft in November after receiving Kaspersky Lab’s complaint. The watchdog issued a warning to Microsoft in June about the unacceptability of setting up a discriminatory environment on the antivirus market. A month later, the FAS said it had been notified by the IT giant that it was implementing the necessary changes.

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