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Russia Foreign Ministry SLAMS US aggression against Syria

Russian Deputy Foreign Minsiter Gennady Gatilov has heavily criticised statements from the United States calming that they  will take heavy military measures against the Syrian government for a chemical attack that hasn’t actually happened and objectively could not be committed by the Syrian government.

The statements from Gatilov are even stronger than the previous Russian admonitions against US aggression which earlier came from Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Gennady Gatilov stated,

“The statements on Syrian armed forces getting ready to use chemical weapons is complete nonsense… These assumptions aren’t based on anything, no one provides any facts.

If the aim is to ramp up the spiral of tension, we think it’s unacceptable. It complicates the process of negotiations undertaken in Astana and Geneva.

We’ve seen this in the past. Of course there are many ill-wishers, who want to undermine the process (of negotiations). So any provocations are possible”.

Gatilov further condemned any would be unilateral military measures in Syria by the US saying,

“We believe that it’s unacceptable and breaches Syria’s sovereignty, isn’t caused by any military need, and there is no threat to the US specialists from the Syrian Army. So it’s incendiary, provocative action”.

Gatilov’s remarks echo the official response to American threats against Syria from the Russian Foreign Ministry which read as follows,

“We consider all these insinuations about chemical weapons which are being carried out in the worst traditions of the 2003 NATO intervention in Iraq as an ‘invitation’ for terrorists, extremists, and the armed opposition in Syria to carry out another large-scale provocation, which will result in the ‘unavoidable punishment’ of President Assad, according to Washington’s plans”.

Russia has made its views on any US attacks on Syria targets totally unambiguous. It is now up to America to clarify their threatening statements.

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