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RT films a city beneath Douma, massive network of tunnels built by militants [VIDEO]

RT films a city beneath Douma, massive network of tunnels built by militants [VIDEO]

Russia Today released videos of an incredible development in Douma, located in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, and the epicenter of much of the Syria-related news of late.

That development is an elaborate, highly developed network of underground tunnels beneath the city, used by the Jaysh al-Islam┬árebels in their fight against the Syrian government forces. They are located some fifteen meters (48 feet) beneath the city’s ground level. They are supplied with electricity, parking lots and workshops. When the city is attacked, the rebels hide safely far below ground level while the civilians take the brunt of the strikes and attacks.

The tunnels were built by the local civilians for the rebels.

But they were not built because of the support for the rebels. Quite the opposite. The local residents of Douma were starved if they refused to do this work.

Just a few days ago, the largest of all the tunnels was found:

The BBC corroborates this story with its own set of still shots taken of the tunnels.

Bomb-proof tunnels big enough to drive in.


The tunnels, fitted with electric lights, wind about under the town.


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The tunnels are made of reinforced walls, steel frames and metal ceilings.


But when you come out of the tunnels, this is the scene one can expect.

To do work on this scale, even with slave labor, requires some VERY intensive resources. With all the insanity surrounding the West’s intrusion into Syria, one can be led to wonder: who paid for all of this?


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