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Obama’s back – ex-president caught on tape interfering in French election

He’s baaaack…

With his huge ego (much larger than Trump’s, I am sure) unable to stand remaining out of the spotlight, Barack Obama has publicly thrown his support behind left-wing establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron in France’s tight presidential race.

The first round of France’s presidential election is due to be held on Sunday. Should no one receive over 50% (almost certain to happen), the top two vote-getters will proceed to the second round on May 7th.

Polls – if they are to be believed – currently show Macron, a former investment banker at a Rothschild-owned bank, neck in neck with right-wing nationalist Marine Le Pen. Conservative establishment candidate François Fillon and socialist Jean-luc Mélenchon are trailing slightly.

Enter failed 44th president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Apparently thinking he could help swing the polls in favor of Rothschild-puppet Macron, he gave Mr. Macron a personal phone call of support:

Yeah….because Obama’s endorsement worked out great for Hillary…

If Obama were truly a real progressive, he would have endorsed Mélenchon, the real left-wing candidate, not the big-money financed fake leftist.

But since Obama is what he always was – a big-money financed fake leftist himself – his words of encouragement for his fellow establishment puppet are not unexpected.

Obama’s interference in the French presidential election – just like his earlier interference in the UK’s Brexit vote – comes at a time when the rotting carcass of a dead horse called “Russian election interference” is being beaten anew by all the established fake news outlets (here and here).

Needless to say, the Twittersphere was quick to point out the hypocrisy:

Wikileaks pointed out the irony of Obama calling to support the man he previously ordered hacked:

Of course, no hubbub at all concerning Barack Obama’s election hacking in the MSM. It’s all about Russia and their alleged hacking – which despite the claims, nobody in the fake news media or US government has yet conclusively proved.

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