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North Korea’s Ambassador to Russia SLAMS United States in statement before press

Russia and China remain committed to taking positive and cooperative steps towards de-escalation.

North Korea’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation has become the second DPRK official to speak out against the latest UN resolution imposing further sanctions on the East Asian country.

Earlier today, the North Korean Envoy to the UN’s mission in Geneva said that North Korea would respond to US aggression by inflicting the “greatest pain” the US has felt in its existence.

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Hours later, Kim Yong-jae spoke in Moscow. He reiterated North Korea’s view that the sanctions are a hostile attempt to molest the DPRK’s sovereignty and in spite of the fact that the resolution passed the UN Security Council unanimously, Kim put the blame entirely on the United States and by extrapolation its allies.

North Korea will be aware that both Russian and Chinese diplomats worked behind the scenes to water down the would-be oil embargo that Donald Trump initially sought.

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China and Russia likewise both stand by the double-freeze peace plan which seeks to de-escalate military buildups on both sides of the 38th parallel. Additionally, Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed new economic initiatives involving both Korean states as well as Russia.

Today, the North Korean Ambassador to Russia said the following about the UN resolution, making a clear reference to North Korea’s self-sufficiency which is a key element of the Juche idea of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-Sung.

“We have lived under US sanctions for decades. Under the harshest of sanctions. But we have acquired everything we wanted to. If the US hopes that our position would be shaken and changed, that is an illusion.

The sanctions resolution of the UN Security Council has been forced by the US, which uses the council as a tool, and is illegal. We fully reject and strongly condemn this resolution.

Instead of acknowledging the reality and making the right choice, the US is using our most justified measures of self-defence to try and strangle our country”.

Russia’s economic cooperation proposals along with the joint Sino-Russian double-freeze still appear to be the most effective way of reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula as they offer incentives for Korean cooperation whilst the US seeks to merely box North Korea into a corner, something which Pyongyang clearly will not accept, but will instead fight against.

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