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Mainstream media predicts ouster of Trump – or is it just a fantasy list?

What appears to be an anti-Trump dreamers list of events is woefully divorced from reality, though there are a few valid points to consider.

Seraphim Hanisch




One of The’s Opinion contributors, John Leboutillier, gave a 30-point list of predictions for 2019, many of them centered around the continued Irritant-in-Chief (as far as Mr. Leboutillier is concerned, apparently) President Donald Trump. To see the predictions, one would be led to believe that doom is imminent for the career of the American President.

There are some problems with the list of predictions.

First of all, not all of these “predictions” are predictions at all, but are rather rhetorical statements. We will remove those from the list.

Second, the President’s approval remains a solid 47% according to Rasmussen, exactly where Obama’s approval was at the same point in his own presidency. However, as has been stated before, Obama’s approval ratings might be said to have been shored up by an extremely positive mainstream press, where President Trump gets almost no credit from the same media. So, President Obama was being lifted up and had 47% or so, where President Trump is beat up incessantly by the press and he still has 47%.

This is a significant difference. Now, onto the predictions in this list that are really predictions (the numbers here are sequential, and not the same as in the original piece):

  1. Donald J. Trump’s presidency will not survive 2019;
  2. The downward trajectory of every aspect of his tenure indicates we are headed for a spectacular political crash-and-burn — and fairly soon;
  3. Consumer confidence is declining and the American economy will slow noticeably in 2019. A recession is right around the corner, heading into 2020;
  4. The volatility in the stock markets threatens to weaken Trump’s support among the GOP donor class, which will translate to GOP senators pulling away from Trump in short order;
  5. Fox News hosts are beginning to question the Trump administration’s actions on air, showing cracks — albeit, small cracks at the moment — in Fox’s heretofore 100 percent fealty to Trump… These cracks will expand into chasms as news and entertainment mogul Rupert Murdoch calculates Trump’s prognosis and decides he doesn’t want his Fox News network to go down the drain with Trump;
  6. Without Fox approving Trump’s agenda, his support will decline from the 40s into the upper 20s;
  7. The Mueller investigation will come to an end in 2019;
  8. Mueller will shock everyone with what he has discovered, and the result will be much worse for Trump than anyone has anticipated;
  9. The Mueller investigation will unveil evidence of Trump putting himself out to the highest bidder in return for campaign help and financing: Russians, Saudis, Emiratis, Qataris — there will be evidence that millions of foreign dollars illegally flowed into the Trump campaign coffers in 2016;
  10. We may learn the source of the $66 million of his own money that Trump donated to his campaign in 2016. Was it a foreign entity who gave him the money as, in effect, an illegal pass-through?
  11. Now that he has removed Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Trump can do what he tried in 2018: He will remove our troops from South Korea;
  12. This will provoke a crisis the likes of which we have never seen;
  13. The GOP Senate will go nuts when this happens, as will the Pentagon and Japan;
  14. This action may begin the breaking away of the 20 GOP senators it will take to remove Trump if the House impeaches, dooming the Trump presidency;
  15. In June, the Democratic Party presidential race will begin to take shape when the first TV debates begin with perhaps two dozen candidates; no one yet can predict who will emerge as the 2020 nominee, but history is a guide here:
  16. As of today, it looks like Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) has that energy behind him and incredible online fundraising abilities; if he runs, he will begin as a formidable candidate in a field of well-known, older candidates (Sanders, Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Michael Bloomberg). That army of young people will be tempted to leave Sanders for O’Rourke — or their loyalties will split between the two, and that may open the door for someone unexpected to step forth;
  17. With Trump forced to exit the scene in 2019, the post-Trump GOP will devolve into all-out reshuffling. The Trump hangover will bedevil the party, just as the immediate post-Nixon era did to the GOP in 1974. The 2020 Republican nomination fight will be even more brutal than the Democratic one;
  18. With Trump disgraced, both political parties will search for a message and a messenger;
  19. An unexpected candidate will seize the political center in 2020.

The eleven items not in our list of 30 were largely spurious claims that apparently the reader of this piece was supposed to believe. Because they are about Trump, of course.

There are three basic arenas that this piece touches on: (1) the economy going into recession, (2) Mueller’s investigation yielding some sort of damning evidence against President Trump, and (3) the very abrupt foreign policy shift we are observing now.

The first claim, that the US is heading into a recession, is spurious. There is no evidence of an impending economic crisis. The recent sharp drop in the investment markets does not signal any problems with the economy. In fact according to a piece from The Balance, the US economy is on track for steady growth in 2019. While anything can happen, Mr. Leboutillier appears to be writing about his wishful thinking regarding the US economy, and probably used the stock market’s recent and ongoing volatility to assume that something bad was coming.

The second claim about Robert Mueller is interesting. One of the voices that no one in the media has actually heard is that of Robert Mueller himself. While it seems plain that his investigation has turned into a monster (the original purpose was to see if there was collusion with Russian agencies, or interference in the 2016 Presidential election caused by this). While various process crimes have been found (or manufactured), there remains no evidence of any actual serious wrongdoing either by Donald Trump or by his campaign.

In fact, one opinion held by Mueller speculators is that he will not end the investigation at all. The real issue that Robert Mueller faces (assuming he is trying to get the President on something), is finding and successfully marketing his findings, as damning. The mainstream press is certainly willing to comply, but the people who voted for the President will not have it, and they are 47% of the population. It will be extremely difficult to dislodge their support for the president because all anyone has to do is consider the alternatives. But Mr. Mueller will try.

The third area is where our intrepid writer may have struck on something.

President Trump is not a globalist. His recent decision to remove the American troops from Syria and Afghanistan is the most clear signal that he means to carry forth with his agenda in this area. The resignations of General Mattis and others, as well as the outrage from hawkish press would seem to give credence to this action as not just political showmanship, but something that deeply concerns the supporters of the New World Order.

There are a lot of conservative Americans who are generally taken in by the idea of globalism, though they would probably deny it if asked. For many conservatives, globalism means “The United Nations will take over everything.” But this is not where the main thrust of globalism has originated in recent years. The American contribution to it is the “endless wars” we seem to be involved in, with US troops everywhere because “if we do not have a presence in country X, ISIS or RUSSIA!! will take over.”

The moves to remove US troops from Syria and Afghanistan have actually been met with high approval, including by Mr. Leboutillier’s publishers. A report from PressTV’s website notes a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll that tested the approval of this decision found 52% of the respondents in favor of both withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan. A similar poll from Rasmussen showed very different results, with 37% approving, 47% disagreeing, and 16% undecided. Polling is probably not uniformly handled, but the approval range even with Rasmussen is far larger than the disastrous claims expressed by the Hill piece.

There is another fact about Trump supporters that seems to be neatly missed. Many of his supporters are not ideological conservatives. They are people who are sick and tired of the government not listening to the will of the governed, and they are very much in sync with the idea of “America First!” The closeness of the poll shows how strongly the ideological support of “America as world police” both is, and is not. For while many people are inclined to follow the position that our interference is needed everywhere, there is also a very clear indication of war fatigue. All the wars fought on foreign soil do not have any bearing on the security of the United States, although that is the line the generals and hawks keep trying to say. They tried it on the President, and he just wasn’t having it.

However, this issue is likely going to seethe for a while. It may not divorce President Trump’s supporters from him, but it will create an enormous front for the media to criticize the President, because some conservative commenters will buy into the globalist “world interference” policy as a default against “what happens if we don’t do this?”

However, the timing of President Trump’s move seems to be right. A recent piece linked here notes the president’s “slowing down” the troop withdrawal process to allow four months. However, this is not significantly different. One Dec 19 timeline of the withdrawal had the troops out by the end of March… which is three months out. He slowed it down by a month. That is not much.

In the final analysis, Mr. Leboutillier seems to have penned a wishlist more than an actual analysis of trends in the US and the world. To be sure, anyone can probably gather any set of data and use it to support one’s own point of view nowadays, but this piece stands as a reflection to show that the certainty of the Hill’s printed predictions is anything but certain.


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Olivia Kroth

Regarding mainstream press: what is mainstream, what isn’t?
Are “Breitbart” and “Fox” not mainstream? President Trump is very well liked in both of these media and gets thousands of positive comments in the comment section as well. Congratulations! I believe that he will be re-elected in 2020.

Olivia Kroth

P.S. One more thought about President Trump’s policy regarding the media which are hostile towards him: He gives them titles like “fake news” or “enemy of the people”. This is not diplomatic and stokes the flames. Usually he is very optimistic and positive about the USA – except for the media he dislikes. Better not bash them but laud FOX, BREITBART and THE DURAN loudly, naming them “intelligent, reliable, trustworthy mainstream news”. Never mind, if they are mainstream or not. They will be – in a few years. And he better ignore the negative press, if possible. Why jump on… Read more »


The US economy is way overdue for a crash, a recession. A growing number of nations are joining Russia and China in working to get out of the petro-dollar. Trump even called the stock market a fake and a bubble while campaigning for President, then embraced it when he became President. Now he wants to keep the bubble going with low FED rates. The tax cut helped, but there was no cut in spending which will put the nation deeper into debt-not good if you want growth. The US is stuck. The only way out is to get rid of… Read more »


Trump’s biggest adversary is neither the media nor the democrats with their unending pettiness, nor Russia nor China: by far the biggest danger to Trump’s presidency is the national debt, now at $22.4t. With more nations moving away from the dollar due to sanctions that debt will get increasingly difficult to maintain. Ironically, the truest advice comes from Russia, warning that the weaponization of the dollar will undermine trust in the dollar as reserve currency. If and when that happens, and signs of it happening are apparent in the dedollarization by Russia, India and China, then there will not be… Read more »


#20 We the Pimple will rise up, erect guillotines, and ‘bring to justice’ everyone in the Washington Regime and on Wall Street above the level of toilet cleaner.


Macron cuts ski holiday short, vowing crack down on Yellow Vests (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 109.

Alex Christoforou



The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the 18th consecutive week of Yellow Vests protests in Paris. Following last weeks lower participation, Saturday’s Yellow Vests in Paris gathered larger crowds, with various outbreaks of violence and rioting that has been blamed on extreme elements, who French authorities claim have infiltrated the movement.

“Act XVIII” of the protests has shown that the Yellow Vests have not given up. France’s Champs-Élysées boulevard was where most of the violence occurred, with the street being left in a pile of broken glass and flames.

One day after Paris was set ablaze, French President Emmanuel Macron cut his ski holiday short, returning to Paris and vowing to take “strong decisions” to prevent more violence.

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Via Zerohedge

Paris awoke on Sunday to smouldering fires, broken windows and looted stores following the 18th consecutive Saturday of Yellow Vest protests.

Around 200 people were arrested according to BFM TV, while about 80 shops near the iconic Champs Elysees had been damaged and/or looted according to AFP, citing Champs Elysees committee president Jean-Noel Reinhardt.

The 373-year-old Saint Sulpice Roman Catholic church was set on fire while people were inside, however nobody was injured. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

The riots were so severe that French President Emmanuel Macron cut short a vacation at the La Mongie ski resort in the Hautes-Pyrénées following a three-day tour of East Africa which took him to Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Macron skied on Friday, telling La Depeche du Midi “I’m going to spend two-three days here to relax, to find landscapes and friendly faces,” adding “I’m happy to see the Pyrenees like that, radiant, although I know it was more difficult at Christmas” referring to the lack of snow in December.

In response to Saturday’s violence, Macron said over Twitter that “strong decisions” were coming to prevent more violence.

Macron said some individuals — dubbed “black blocs” by French police forces — were taking advantage of the protests by the Yellow Vest grassroots movement to “damage the Republic, to break, to destroy.” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Twitter that those who excused or encouraged such violence were complicit in it. –Bloomberg

The French President has family ties in the Hautes-Pyrénées, including Bagnères de Bigorre where his grandmother lived. He is a regular visitor to the region.

Emmanuel Macron (2ndL), head of the political movement In Marche! (Onwards!) And candidate for the 2017 presidential election, and his wife Brigitte Trogneux (L) have lunch April 12, 2017 (Reuters)



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Vesti calls out Pompeo on lying about Russia invading Ukraine [Video]

Secretary Pompeo displayed either stunning ignorance or a mass-attack of propaganda about what must be the most invisible war in history.

Seraphim Hanisch



After the 2014 Maidan revolution and the subsequent secessions of Lugansk and Donetsk in Ukraine, and after the rejoining of Crimea with its original nation of Russia, the Western media went on a campaign to prove the Russia is (/ was / was about to / had already / might / was thinking about / was planning to … etc.) invade Ukraine. For the next year or so, about every two weeks, internet news sources like Yahoo! News showed viewers pictures of tanks, box trucks and convoys to “prove” that the invasion was underway (or any of the other statuses confirming the possibilities above stated.) This information was doubtless provided to US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

Apparently, Secretary Pompeo believed this ruse, or is being paid to believe this ruse because in a speech recently, he talked about it as fact:

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Russia’s annexation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine an attempt to gain access to Ukraine’s oil and gas reserves.

He stated this at IHS Markit’s CERAWeek conference in Houston, the USA, Reuters reports.

Pompeo urged the oil industry to work with the Trump administration to promote U.S. foreign policy interests, especially in Asia and in Europe, and to punish what he called “bad actors” on the world stage.

The United States has imposed harsh sanctions in the past several months on two major world oil producers, Venezuela and Iran.

Pompeo said the U.S. oil-and-gas export boom had given the United States the ability to meet energy demand once satisfied by its geopolitical rivals.

“We don’t want our European allies hooked on Russian gas through the Nord Stream 2 project, any more than we ourselves want to be dependent on Venezuelan oil supplies,” Pompeo said, referring to a natural gas pipeline expansion from Russia to Central Europe.

Pompeo called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine an attempt to gain access to the country’s oil and gas reserves.

Although the state-run news agency Vesti News often comes under criticism for rather reckless, or at least, extremely sarcastic propaganda at times, here they rightly nailed Mr. Pompeo’s lies to the wall and billboarded it on their program:

The news anchors even made a wisecrack about one of the political figures, Konstantin Zatulin saying as a joke that Russia plans to invade the United States to get its oil. They further noted that Secretary Pompeo is uneducated about the region and situation, but they offered him the chance to come to Russia and learn the correct information about what is going on.

To wit, Russia has not invaded Ukraine at all. There is no evidence to support such a claim, while there IS evidence to show that the West is actively interfering with Russia through the use of Ukraine as a proxyWhile this runs counter to the American narrative, it is simply the truth. Ukraine appears to be the victim of its own ambitions at this point, for while the US tantalizes the leadership of the country and even interferes with the Orthodox Church in the region, the country lurches towards a presidential election with three very poor candidates, most notably the one who is president there now, Petro Poroshenko.

However, the oil and gas side of the anti-Russian propaganda operation by the US is significant. The US wishes for Europe to buy gas from American suppliers, even though this is woefully inconvenient and expensive when Russia is literally at Europe’s doorstep with easy supplies. However, the Cold War Party in the United States, which still has a significant hold on US policy making categorizes the sale of Russia gas to powers like NATO ally Germany as a “threat” to European security.

It is interesting that Angela Merkel herself does not hold this line of thinking. It is also interesting and worthy of note, that this is not the only NATO member that is dealing more and more with Russia in terms of business. It underscores the loss of purpose that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization suffers now since there is no Soviet Union to fight.

However, the US remains undaunted. If there is no enemy to fight, the Americans feel that they must create one, and Russia has been the main scapegoat for American power ambitions. More than ever now, this tactic appears to be the one in use for determining the US stance towards other powers in the world.

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Ariel Cohen explains Washington’s latest foreign policy strategy [Video]

Excellent interview Ariel Cohen and Vladimir Solovyov reveals the forces at work in and behind American foreign policy.

Seraphim Hanisch



While the American people and press are pretty much complicit in reassuring the masses that America is the only “right” superpower on earth, and that Russia and China represent “enemy threats” for doing nothing more than existing and being successfully competitive in world markets, Russia Channel One got a stunner of a video interview with Ariel Cohen.

Who is Ariel Cohen? Wikipedia offers this information about him:

Ariel Cohen (born April 3, 1959 in Crimea in YaltaUSSR) is a political scientist focusing on political risk, international security and energy policy, and the rule of law.[1] Cohen currently serves as the Director of The Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Geopolitics (CENRG) at the Institute for Analysis of Global Security (IAGS). CENRG focuses on the nexus between energy, geopolitics and security, and natural resources and growth. He is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, within the Global Energy Center and the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center.[2] Until July 2014, Dr. Cohen was a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. He specializes in Russia/Eurasia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Cohen has testified before committees of the U.S. Congress, including the Senate and House Foreign Relations Committees, the House Armed Services Committee, the House Judiciary Committee and the Helsinki Commission.[4] He also served as a Policy Adviser with the National Institute for Public Policy’s Center for Deterrence Analysis.[5] In addition, Cohen has consulted for USAID, the World Bank and the Pentagon.[6][7]

Cohen is a frequent writer and commentator in the American and international media. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, C-SPAN, BBC-TV and Al Jazeera English, as well as Russian and Ukrainian national TV networks. He was a commentator on a Voice of America weekly radio and TV show for eight years. Currently, he is a Contributing Editor to the National Interest and a blogger for Voice of America. He has written guest columns for the New York TimesInternational Herald TribuneChristian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, EurasiaNet, Valdai Discussion Club,[8] and National Review Online. In Europe, Cohen’s analyses have appeared in Kommersant, Izvestiya, Hurriyet, the popular Russian website Ezhenedelny Zhurnal, and many others.[9][10]

Mr. Cohen came on Russian TV for a lengthy interview running about 17 minutes. This interview, shown in full below, is extremely instructive in illustrating the nature of the American foreign policy directives such as they are at this time.

We have seen evidence of this in recent statements by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, and an honestly unabashed bit of fear mongering about China’s company Huawei and its forthcoming 5G networks, which we will investigate in more detail in another piece. Both bits of rhetoric reflect a re-polished narrative that, paraphrased, says to the other world powers,

Either you do as we tell you, or you are our enemy. You are not even permitted to out-compete with us in business, let alone foreign relations. The world is ours and if you try to step out of place, you will be dealt with as an enemy power.

This is probably justified paranoia, because it is losing its place. Where the United Stated used to stand for opposition against tyranny in the world, it now acts as the tyrant, and even as a bully. Russia and China’s reaction might be seen as ignoring the bully and his bluster and just going about doing their own thing. It isn’t a fight, but it is treating the bully with contempt, as bullies indeed deserve.

Ariel Cohen rightly points out that there is a great deal of political inertia in the matter of allowing Russia and China to just do their own thing. The US appears to be acting paranoid about losing its place. His explanations appear very sound and very reasonable and factual. Far from some of the snark Vesti is often infamous for, this interview is so clear it is tragic that most Americans will never see it.

The tragedy for the US leadership that buys this strategy is that they appear to be blinded so much by their own passion that they cannot break free of it to save themselves.

This is not the first time that such events have happened to an empire. It happened in Rome; it happened for England; and it happened for the shorter-lived empires of Nazi Germany and ISIS. It happens every time that someone in power becomes afraid to lose it, and when the forces that propelled that rise to power no longer are present. The US is a superpower without a reason to be a superpower.

That can be very dangerous.

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