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Gloves come off: EU Parliament compares Russia to ISIS

In a non-binding resolution, the EU Parliament has placed Russian media outlets on the same plane as ISIS.




The European Union’s quest to become a global laughing stock, continues to make progress. Members of the EU Parliament have just voted in favour of a non-binding resolution to condemn and respond to so-called ‘information warfare’.

The two targets of this attack are ironically facing each other on the battle fields of Syria. On the one side there is ISIS and on the other there is Russia, but both are equally condemned as being a danger to Europe, according to the EU Parliament’s resolution.

Specifically, the resolution targets the media outlets of ISIS and of Russia. In the case of Russia they are worried about popular news outlets like RT, and in the case of ISIS they are worried about videos of mass murder committed by crazed fanatics.

It is not the first time that such insulting and totally false comparisons have been made. John Kerry’s State Department also lumped in Russia with ISIS as the two main ‘threats’ to America.

This can mean one of two things. First of all, it may well mean that the US and now the EU do not take the battle against ISIS seriously.

ISIS is a barbaric, terrorist organisation whose methods include the beheadings of civilians including children, the mutilating of bodies, the most foul and heinous torture imaginable, the mass killings of religious and ethnic minorities, human trafficking, the enslavement and rape of women and the total destruction of the infrastructure in the territories they occupy from Iraq to Libya.

ISIS have media channels, mostly on-line, which promote such barbarity to those sick enough to be enticed by it. By contrast, The Russian Federation is one of the most civilised states in the world whose media outlets simply report on international news items of interest with a broadly Russian perspective, just as the BBC does the same with a neo-liberal British style perspective and CNN with a neo-liberal American style perspective.

The BBC is funded by a regressive tax levied on all those living in Britain who own broadcast receiving equipment, the funding method for this state owned media is simply not fit for its purpose. RT cannot claim to be funded in such an archaic manner.

If the EU Parliamentarians who voted in favour of this resolution actually believe what they say, they truly must not understand the real threat of ISIS and the fact that it is Russia that is helping the Syrian Arab Republic in the battle to rid this plague from the face of the earth.

One could also take another interpretation. If members of the EU Parliament actually do understand what ISIS is and the threat its members represent for the peoples of the world, and still put Russian media on the same level as those glorying in ISIS violence, they must truly be insane.

If Russian media was encouraging young men to strap bombs on their bodies and blow up hundreds of people in airports, theatres, metros and buses, they’d have a point. But Russian media is doing no such thing and never has done. This fact is surprising to no one other than those in the EU Parliament who seem to not actually grasp the realities of the world they apparently live in.

Every time someone in a major European city walks into a crowded public place, there is tragically a chance that ISIS will have one of their minions come to blow it up, taking as many lives as possible in the process. The danger of anyone being inspired by Russian media to do this, is literally zero.

It is downright ludicrous to compare RT’s CrossTalk or Sputnik’s World In Focus to videos of prisoners being burnt to death in cages or drowned alive by ISIS savages.

The EU Parliament talks about ‘disinformation’ from Russia but does not explain how such a thing even works or what it looks like. They claim that Russian media is a ‘danger’ but fail to even posit a hypothesis as to what this means. French MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser has said he knows not whether to laugh or cry. I’m not sure either.

Adding to the chorus of opposition to these mad measures was Spanish MEP Javier Couso Permuy. He said:

“This report is insane. It fosters hysteria against Russia and neo-McCarthyism in Europe. It’s a caricature of Russia. This is a dangerous report. It’s headed at confrontation and it’s an assault on freedom of information. To put terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS), which disseminates live videos of torture and murders, on the same footing as a member state of the Security Council and other multilateral organisations which we have a grievance with, is an insult to the intelligence of Europeans.”

Indeed, to imply that the ordinary person living under the EU cannot tell the difference between standard, international style reportage and analysis from sources like RT and videos of mass beheadings, is the biggest insult to the people of a continent whose intelligence is presumed by the EU to be superior to those in every other part of the world. It’s racism on top of hypocrisy.

The people watching RT or listening to Radio Sputnik know exactly what is going on. They are informed individuals who want their information from a variety of sources, and ultimately, they draw their own conclusions.

I can assure you, they are not ISIS recruits. They may, however, be recruits to Eurosceptic parties who will expose the corruption and lack of transparency of the EU, forcing democratic political change. This is the real danger for the Eurocrats. They are more afraid of losing their pensions than they are of ordinary European losing their lives in the next ISIS attack, God forbid.

The people are intelligent enough to realise this and they won’t pay much attention to the mad words of a dying political class.

In the end the resolution passed with 304 votes, although it should be noted that when the no votes (179) are combined with abstentions (208), this total far outpaces those who voted in favour of the ridiculous resolution.

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Trump Has Gifted “No More Wars” Policy Position To Bernie Sanders (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 148.

Alex Christoforou



RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou discuss how US President Donald Tump appears to have ceded his popular 2016 ‘no more wars’ campaign message and policy position to Bernie Sanders and any other US 2020 candidate willing to grad onto a non-interventionist approach to the upcoming Democrat primaries.

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“Is Bernie Stealing Trump’s ‘No More Wars’ Issue?” by Patrick J. Buchanan…

The center of gravity of U.S. politics is shifting toward the Trump position of 2016.

“The president has said that he does not want to see this country involved in endless wars… I agree with that,” Bernie Sanders told the Fox News audience at Monday’s town hall meeting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Then turning and staring straight into the camera, Bernie added:

“Mr. President, tonight you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary: Sign that resolution. Saudi Arabia should not be determining the military or foreign policy of this country.”

Sanders was talking about a War Powers Act resolution that would have ended U.S. involvement in the five-year civil war in Yemen that has created one of the great humanitarian crises of our time, with thousands of dead children amidst an epidemic of cholera and a famine.

Supported by a united Democratic Party on the Hill, and an anti-interventionist faction of the GOP led by Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee of Utah, the War Powers resolution had passed both houses of Congress.

But 24 hours after Sanders urged him to sign it, Trump, heeding the hawks in his Cabinet and National Security Council, vetoed S.J.Res.7, calling it a “dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities.”

With sufficient Republican votes in both houses to sustain Trump’s veto, that should be the end of the matter.

It is not: Trump may have just ceded the peace issue in 2020 to the Democrats. If Sanders emerges as the nominee, we will have an election with a Democrat running on the “no-more-wars” theme Trump touted in 2016. And Trump will be left defending the bombing of Yemeni rebels and civilians by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Does Trump really want to go into 2020 as a war party president?

Does he want to go into 2020 with Democrats denouncing “Trump’s endless wars” in the Middle East? Because that is where he is headed.

In 2008, John McCain, leading hawk in the Senate, was routed by a left-wing first-term senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, who had won his nomination by defeating the more hawkish Hillary Clinton, who had voted to authorize the war in Iraq.

In 2012, the Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who was far more hawkish than Obama on Russia, lost.

Yet, in 2016, Trump ran as a different kind of Republican, an opponent of the Iraq War and an anti-interventionist who wanted to get along with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and get out of these Middle East wars.

Looking closely at the front-running candidates for the Democratic nomination of 2020 — Joe Biden, Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker — not one appears to be as hawkish as Trump has become.

Trump pulled us out of the nuclear deal with Iran negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry and reimposed severe sanctions.

He declared Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, to which Iran has responded by declaring U.S. Central Command a terrorist organization. Ominously, the IRGC and its trained Shiite militias in Iraq are in close proximity to U.S. troops.

Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, moved the U.S. Embassy there, closed the consulate that dealt with Palestinian affairs, cut off aid to the Palestinians, recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights seized from Syria in 1967, and gone silent on Bibi Netanyahu’s threat to annex Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

Sanders, however, though he stands by Israel, is supporting a two-state solution and castigating the “right-wing” Netanyahu regime.

Trump has talked of pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet the troops are still there.

Though Trump came into office promising to get along with the Russians, he sent Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine and announced a pullout from Ronald Reagan’s 1987 INF treaty that outlawed all land-based intermediate-range nuclear missiles.

When Putin provocatively sent 100 Russian troops to Caracas — ostensibly to repair the S-400 anti-aircraft and anti-missile system that was damaged in recent blackouts — Trump, drawing a red line, ordered the Russians to “get out.”

Biden is expected to announce next week. If the stands he takes on Russia, China, Israel and the Middle East are more hawkish than the rest of the field, he will be challenged by the left wing of his party, and by Sanders, who voted “no” on the Iraq War that Biden supported.

The center of gravity of U.S. politics is shifting toward the Trump position of 2016. And the anti-interventionist wing of the GOP is growing.

And when added to the anti-interventionist and anti-war wing of the Democratic Party on the Hill, together, they are able, as on the Yemen War Powers resolution, to produce a new bipartisan majority.

Prediction: By the primaries of 2020, foreign policy will be front and center, and the Democratic Party will have captured the “no-more-wars” political high ground that Candidate Donald Trump occupied in 2016.

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Over 200 killed, hundreds injured in series of blasts at Sri Lankan hotels & churches

A series of bombings hit churches and hotels across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing more than 200 people.





Via RT…

A series of eight explosions rocked Catholic churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka as Christians began Easter Sunday celebrations, with over 200 killed and hundreds injured, media reported, citing police.

The blasts started at around 8:45am local time at St. Anthony’s Church in Colombo and St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, a Catholic-majority town outside of the capital. The Zion Church in Batticaloa on the eastern coast was also targeted. At around the same time, the Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury five-star hotels were also hit, police confirmed.

Two more explosions happened later in the day, targeting two more locations in Colombo. All attacks appear to have been coordinated.

At least 207 people were killed, Reuters reported, citing police. More than 450 were injured in the attacks.

Alleged footage of the aftermath, shared on social media, showed chaos and large-scale destruction inside at least one of the churches.

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Mike Pompeo reveals true motto of CIA: ‘We lied, we cheated, we stole’ (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 147.

Alex Christoforou



The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a look at a Texas A&M University speech, and subsequent interview, with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The former CIA Director admitted, ‘as an aside’ to the question asked, that the Intelligence agency he headed up before being appointed as the top US Diplomat had a motto “we lied, we cheated, we stole”…which, according to Pompeo, contained entire CIA training courses based on ‘lying, cheating and stealing.’

Pompeo finally speaks some truth.

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