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PALESTINE: Gaza under attack from Israeli forces

Tanks and fighter jets have fired on targets in Palestine’s besieged Gaza strip.

Israeli forces have opened fire on positions in the besieged Gaza strip using both tank artillery and fighter jets.

The attack comes after shells were fired from Gaza, allegedly by the group Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine. However, Israeli officials later claimed that Hamas would be blamed nevertheless as Tel Aviv holds the group responsible for virtually any activity in Gaza.

At present, Hamas and Fatah are still working to implement a power-sharing agreement which would see political and security authorities in Gaza handed from Hamas to the Palestinian Authority.

Gaza remains imperilled by one of the worst humanitarian situations on the planet with fresh foods and medicine becoming ever scarcer. Egypt had previously agreed to open the Rafah Border Crossing which would allow for new deliveries of much needed supplies, but the gates have remained shut ever since the large terrorist attack in Sinai which claimed the lives of over 300. It is still not clear who is responsible for the attack with some fingers being pointed and ISIS and others at the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel to starve Palestinians with underground wall between Gaza and Sinai

Tel Aviv’s last war on Gaza was in 2014 and ended in a stalemate.

Israel’s designs on Gaza may indicate plans to invade Egypt

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