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Donald Trump to Russia investigation: ‘I’d like to’ testify (VIDEO)

As rabid MSM tries to press, President Trump says he “would like to” testify before the special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation

The rabid mainstream American press is still in a massive state of self-delusion. The usual response they expect from someone who is guilty of some sort of wrongdoing is for them to refuse to comment or leave the room without answering. However, the President appears to be much more grounded in reality than the news media is.

This was at the end of a media event, apparently the signing of an order or a bill. However, at the end of the signing ceremony the press was agitated as usual, asking if Mr. Trump would testify before Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.

Yes, he said “yes.”

This came Thursday, March 22, after news that one of the attorneys on the President’s legal team, John Dowd, resigned from the team. This resignation was confirmed by associate attorney Jay Sekulow, another on the President’s legal team. This change comes only about two days after another major change had occurred – the addition of Joseph DiGenova to the legal team.

Mr. DiGenova is a most worthy addition to the team and we will be talking about why this is so in future reports.

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