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BREAKING: Terrorist artillery attacks kill civilians in central Damascus

Another tragic attack hits Syria’s capital.

A shock artillery attack has left at least two civilians dead in central Damascus.

Terrorists through to be from al-Qaeda or the FSA opened fire in Abbasid square, causing heavy material damage and wounding many.

The attack would appear to be a further ‘revenge attack’ on Syria after the Syrian Arab Army crushed ISIS in Deir ez-Zor over the last 48 hours.

Al-Qaeda, with Israeli assistance, have opened up a new lethal front in the Golan Heights, in south western Syria. As I wrote about the new dangers in the Gloan Heights:

“The jihadists were aiding by artillery fire from the armed forces of the Israeli regime. In many ways, this is a case of déjà vu when it comes to the tactics of Syria’s enemies. In the winter of 2016, just as the Syrian Arab Army liberated all of Aleppo city after a protracted battle against al-Qaeda, Daesh launched a large offensive and re-took the previously liberated central Syrian town of Palmyra.

The attacks were clearly designed to lower Syrian morale after a substantial victory elsewhere. Today’s assault was clearly coordinated to open up a new front in the south-west of the country, just as Syrian troops in the east are making a final push to the Iraqi border where they plan to greet allied Iraqi troops who have just secured the al-Qaim border crossing from Daesh.

The new front is possibly the most challenging threat to Syria at this time. With US Kurdish proxies in the north offset by Turkish troops and Turkish proxies who are also operating in the north of Syria, the unrelenting Israeli/al-Qaeda/FSA assault on the Golan Heights now poses a very real threat in a region that Syria has had mixed success in pacifying over the last year”.

As the east becomes further pacified, the south west of Syria has become a final focal point in Syria’s struggle against terrorism.

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