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Democrat Rep. Yvette Clarke runs away from reporter asking about IT staffer Imran Awan (Video)

Rep. Yvette Clarke dodges questions about Imran Awan.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s well paid IT staffer, Imran Awan, has been arrested by the FBI trying to flee the country after scandal broke around his consulting firm and hacking of congressional computer system.

For some strange reasons, Democratic Congress members want to make the Imran “hacking” narrative go away.

Last week The Duran reported that Democrat party officials have been exposed approving a $120,000 write-off linked to the Awan brothers in 2016.

–the chief of staff for Democratic Rep. Yvette Clarke quietly agreed in early 2016 to sign away a $120,000 missing electronics problem on behalf of two former IT aides now suspected of stealing equipment from Congress.

When confronted by a reported to explain the suspicious $120K “write-off”, Democrat Rep. Yvette Clarke preferred to run away from the reporter asking questions about a massive scandals threatening to gobble up the entire DNC.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Democrat Rep. Yvette Clarke ran away from a Daily Caller reporter when she was asked questions about her criminal Pakistani IT staffer Imran Awan.

Yvette Clarke was the Dem Rep who signed away $120,000 worth of missing computer equipment for the Awan brothers, ultimately flying under the radar in case of an audit.

Awan is being investigated for bank fraud and is facing four federal charges.

Via The Daily Caller…

Clarke fired Awan and his brothers, who worked as Capitol Hill IT staffers with him, months before law enforcement announced last February that they were investigating the men for robbery and breaching of security IT protocol.

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Luke Rosiak reported Sunday that Clarke agreed last year to sign away $120,000 of missing computer equipment for the two former IT aides who authorities now believe stole the gear from Congress. According to the DCNF, the missing equipment from Clarke’s office included iPhones and iPads. (RELATED: House Democrat’s Office Approved $120k Write-off Linked To Awan Brothers)

Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit reports that Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s “IT staffer” was spotted in Virginia for the first time since trying to flee to Pakistan with $10,000 in cash.

The exclusive photo was obtained by the Daily Mail…

The Daily Mail also reported that one of Imran Awan’s relatives threw the Awan brothers under the bus, and exposed them for their criminal behavior.

Now they are at the center of a probe into what happened to the data they had access to – and one of their relatives told ‘For the sake of money they would have done anything.

‘There are possibilities that [Imran] or them might have been selling this information to anybody who is not authorized to have them.’

‘They are not being picked up because they are Muslims. They are being picked up because they did something wrong,’ said Syed Ahmed, who is related to them through their stepmother.

She accused her stepsons of domestic abuse earlier this year.

‘There are possibilities that [Imran] or them might have been selling this information to anybody who is not authorized to have them. For the sake of money they would have done anything,’ he added.

‘They were not living an honest life. They were living like they were gangsters.’

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Freethinking Влади́мир
Freethinking Влади́мир
August 24, 2017

What was she supposed to do? Ambush interviews are counterproductive no matter on which side you are on.

Keith Smith
Keith Smith
August 24, 2017

draining the swamp. MSM really quiet on how many top level pedos being nicked

Keith Smith
Keith Smith
Reply to  Guy
August 25, 2017

not sure about wanting to see evidence photos on that one, i wont click… is that a legit site?

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