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Poll: 29% of Germans Want To Leave EU, 64% Oppose Angela Merkel

Merkel is paying the price for political weakness, bad decision making, and a complete subservience to the United States. With every payment to Greece and with every refugee crossing into Germany, her political future, along with the entire European Union, is falling into pieces.

Once the darling of Europe, Merkel has steered Germany towards an uncertain future.

Merkel’s list of failures are epic:

  • Poor leadership and management of the Greek bailout
  • Unwavering support for an illegal, neo-nazi coup in Ukraine
  • Support for the dismantling of Libya
  • Pushing for EU sanctions against Russia
  • Supporting Al Qaeda (and indirectly ISIS) in the push to overthrow Assad in Syria
  • And her crowning achievement…admission of millions of refugees into Germany

Those refugees are weighing down the German economy with an state commitment to 1.5 million new inhabitants, forcing cuts to necessary social services for an equal amount of German citizens.

The poll was commissioned by German newspaper Handelsblatt, and the results for the Chancellor are dismal to say the least.

  • 29% of Germans are in favor of leaving the EU if a referendum were to take place.
  • Only 54% of voters are in favor of remaining in the EU, with the remainder undecided.
  • German voters believe Merkel overcommitted national resources to the refugee crisis
  • Germans are increasingly frustrated with bailing out the continued economic struggles of other EU member-states.

Sputnik News reports further…

The results come on the back of a separate survey conducted by polling firm Insa which showed 64% of those Germans participating in a survey opposing the once-popular Chancellor Angela Merkel. Discontent with the German leader spreads equally throughout the country, with 63.8% opposing Merkel in the west, and 64.8% in the east, illustrating widespread resentment likely to sabotage the chancellor’s hopes for reelection in 2017.

The poll also indicates growing support for the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (afD) party, a leading alternative to Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) party. A February poll identified the refugee crisis as the chancellor’s biggest challenge, with 81% of respondents saying that they did not believe that Merkel’s administration  had the migrant situation under control.

The situation for Merkel’s government looks to worsen in coming months, with the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) announcing plans in May to spend $105 billion (94 billion Euros) on incoming refugees over the next five years, an amount that rivals one year of the country’s military budget.

The new state expenditures come at a time when record numbers of German children are experiencing poverty, with 1.5 million needing assistance from the government, or approximately 14% of the country’s children. Figures from the Federal Employment Agency reflect that every third child living in Berlin is dependent on welfare.


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