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You will never believe how Kellyanne Conway destroys Meet The Press host Chuck Todd

Kellyanne Conway is one smart, tough political strategist.

Meet The Press host Chuck Todd tried his very best to corner Conway on the inauguration “crowd size” controversy.

Conway completely turned the tables on Todd, exposing how “this was just more evidence of the unfair and biased treatment of the Trump administration by the media.”

Conway noted…

“We’re going to have to rethink our relationship with the press…

Yesterday, we allowed the press into the Oval Office to witness the signing of executive orders and what happens almost immediately – a falsehood is told about removing the bust of Martin Luther King Jr – that’s just flat-out false.”

“I’m thrilled that all of a sudden NBC News and Chuck Todd is so focused on covering crowd control, because we were mocked daily for talking about the historic significance of the size of the crowds at our rallies during the campaign… on great days were ignored, and on most days we were mocked.”

“You want the American people to think they can’t trust The White House press secretary, that’s a very dangerous statement to make. Your job is to report the news, not to give your opinion, you’re not an opinion columnist.”

…you’ve got a 14% approval rating, that you’ve earned…”

Via Zerohedge

To members of the mainstream media, it would appears ‘size matters’, as the Inauguration crowd-gate debacle continues following Sean Spicer’s unusual press conference yesterday. During a combative interview this morning with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Trump top advisor Kellyanne Conway blasted media “falsehoods,” crushing Todd’s ‘size’ issues by noting that “Presidents aren’t judged by crowd sizes at their inauguration, they’re judged by their accomplishments.”

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