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Xi and Putin, cooking up some Chinese dishes, as G7 in Toronto sours (Video)

Russian President Putin cooks up some Chinese food.

Xi and Putin exhibited their friendship during the SCO, while in Toronto cracks formed between the G7 leaders.

Xi and Putin will meet this Saturday in China with senior officials from India, Iran and Pakistan

The Chinese president is the only foreign leader with which Putin has celebrated his birthday, according to Putin himself: “We drank vodka and sausages,” he recalled in an interview with Chinese television earlier this week.

This time around it was Xi’s turn to entertain the Russian President, who he has called “my best, and most intimate friend” by giving Putin a Medal of Friendship…an award with which Beijing will distinguish its most appreciated foreigners.

Xi and Putin later tried their hand at cooking Chinese food in Tianjin’s Government Reception House. As Xi and Putin enjoy each other’s company, guiding the world to a multipolar framework, leaders in Toronto are dealing with a red pill Trump, who is dismantling 8 years of a destructive, neo-liberal Obama foreign policy.

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In the last six years the two men have met 25 times. In 2017 alone they met face-to-face five times.

In addition to their official SCO business, the two will share a high-speed train trip to the port of Tianjin to watch a hockey game.

China and Russia share a 4,000 kilometers border and a trade turnover surpassing 90 billion dollars annually.

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