As the World Burns, Obama Focuses on American Bathroom Reform

Syria is entering its sixth year of a civil war with American involvement growing by the day.

US boots are springing up in Iraq and Yemen. Libya…busted and broken in the name of neo-liberal values.

NATO is rapidly militarizing its Eastern European client states, while US missile shields are coming into force right on Russia’s border. Ukraine is more corrupt now, then when Barry decided to overthrow the Yanukovich government.

And the South China sea is turning into a hotly contested flashpoint between the US and China.

The Nobel Peace Prize wining POTUS has been in a state of constant war since he took office. For eight straight years, Obama has bombed, droned, and “regime changed” everything, everyone, everywhere.

Now Obama has turned his attention to the most pressing issue to face American world dominance and exceptional values in nearly a quarter century. It has become the most central, defining issue in Barack Obama’s last year in office, and in his legacy as US President.

This comment on popular alternative site Zerohedge sums things up perfectly…

John F Kennedy put a man on the moon. Obama put a man in a women’s bathroom.



What is at stake?

Living in Moscow I have seen that nearly 75% (my own rough estimate) of all cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs have restrooms that are shared (yes shared) by both men and women.

If you hit a swanky club in Moscow, chances are super good that when you go to the restroom, a member of the opposite sex will be using the very same facilities.

No this:

jixBEG7iE copy

Or this:


Just this:


…which was taken today at my neighbourhood Starbucks. Posted on the restroom doors and pointing out that it is for both both male and female use.

America do you not see the urgency at play in your bathroom debate?

If the autocratic Russian Federation under the pariah Putin has learned to accept a shared bathroom space, with zero social consequences or afterthoughts…then what does this tell the world about American values?

The stakes are high, and Obama knows this. If he cannot push the restroom integration case forward, then the world may think twice about the narrative spun by western main stream media. The entire neo-liberal, “exceptional” house of cards will crumble.

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