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WMD, Iraq invasion, war criminal George W. Bush blasts Trump for his “muslim ban” [Video]

The Democrat party has sunk so low that they are now parading around George W. Bush as the face of peace, compassion, and unity.

Former POTUS Bush is calling for America to respect Islam, and be inclusive of muslim immigrants and refugees…which is a fine and worthy cause except for one tiny problem. George W. Bush tore the Middle East apart with his fabricated and illegal invasion of Iraq, slaughtering (by some estimates) over 1.5 million muslim men, women and children.

As the liberal left, snowflakes continue their hysteria over Trump’s “fictitious” muslim ban, they are putting George W. Bush (a war criminal and murderer of the muslim people) front and center as their compassionate conservative voice.

Pathetic and disgusting to say the least.

Jimmy Dore, a committed progressive, has serious issues with this very flawed PR stunt, being played by the liberal left (and the neocons as well…we suspect).

Matt Lauer plays the role of an hard hitting journalist, interviewing Bush, with no mention of Iraq and WMDs, like a good little corporate owned lap dog.




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