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Civil War? Deputy Assistant Secretary of State warns of Clinton coup d’etat (VIDEO)

Are we witnessing a deep state civil war take place in the United States of America?

Steve Pieczenik has now come forward with stunning claims that the Clinton machine is in the process of instigating a coup via corruption.

Pieczenik then explains in the video released onto Youtube (see below), that the U.S. Intelligence community has started a counter-coup against the Clinton machine, working in unison with Julian Assange to save the US Republic.

All the data dumps from Wikileaks were courtesy of  counter-coup whistleblowers, working to prevent the Clinton network from taking over the US government

Forget the Russian hackers, Pieczenik is on the record saying that the US intelligence officials willingly offered data to Julian Assange.

This coincidentally falls in line with what former NSA official, turned US government whistleblower, William Binney said in August…that that the Democratic National Committee’s server was not hacked by Russia but by a disgruntled U.S. intelligence worker.

Regated reports

Pieczenik served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger is well-versed in foreign policy, international crisis management, and psychological warfare. He also served under presidential administrations as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush’s White House.

He explains that total corruption and co-option were the two strategies behind this coup. Pieczenik says Bill and Hillary Clinton co-opted many central facets of our government — the White House, the judiciary, the CIA, the FBI.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch seems to be in the pocket of the Clintons, intervening and obstructing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s private server and e-mails at every turn. James Comey, who was on the board of directors at HSBC bank, a bank that gave $81 million to the Clinton Foundation, is also the current head of the FBI.

Pieczenik appears confident that officials will charge Hillary Clinton with multiple crimes including obstruction of justice and various other charges.

Pieczenik also says that Bill Clinton may also be charged with criminal offenses as he notes that the US Intelligence agencies are aware of Bill Clinton’s sexual transgressions aboard a plane named the Lolita Express.

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