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Wikileaks decides to examine the authenticity of Macron leaks

Amid French threats to jail anyone who publishes the Macron document leaks, Wikileaks has decided to examine the documents further to see if they are indeed authentic…and Wikileaks has never gotten it wrong.

Wikileaks sent out these tweets…

Meanwhile Macron’s political movement, En Marche! released a statement confirming that the hack did indeed occur.

“The En Marche movement has been a victim of a massive and coordinated hacking attack leading to the spreading this evening on social media of internal information of a diverse nature (emails, documents, contracts).”

En Marche noted that “those circulating these documents are adding many false documents to authentic documents in order to sow doubt and disinformation” and that the release came “in the last hour of the official campaign” and is “clearly a matter of democratic destabilization.”

“Throughout the campaign, En Marche! has constantly been the party the most targeted by such attempts, in an intense and repeated fashion. The aim of those behind this leak is, all evidence suggests, to hurt the En Marche! party several hours before the second round of the French presidential election.”

France’s presidential election commission has confirmed that it is aware of the hack, and urged the media to be cautious about publishing the details

“It [the commission] asks media, and in particular [news] websites, not to report on the content of this data” as distribution “of false information” may lead to criminal charges.

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