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Who is behind the “fact checking service” Facebook will retain to flag “fake news”? George Soros of course

When The Duran published a post on Facebook’s announcement that it will being “flagging”, and ultimately punishing stories deemed “fake news”, it was obvious that we were at the beginning of a broader censorship agenda with global implications, and a final goal of silencing any voices that dissent from neo-liberal ideology.

There could be only one globalist power player evil enough to completely manipulate the distribution of information completely in favor of a cultural Marxist dogma.

Zerohedge reveals who the man behind the Facebook “fake news” curtain is

Behind almost every liberal crusade of the past several decades, from the blocking of voter ID laws to the Syrian refugee crisis, there has been one man quietly pulling the puppet strings from the background: George Soros.  So imagine our complete shock when we discovered Soros to be the financing source behind Facebook’s “third-party fact checking” organization retained to flag, and thus eliminate, “fake news.”

Just yesterday, Facebook posted the following press release to their website detailing their plans to use a “third-party fact checking organization,” known as The Poynter Institute, to flag “fake news.”  The role of the “fact checkers” will be to review news stories and flag anything they deem to be “fake” so that it can be deprioritized on Facebook’s news feed.

Of course, that raises any number of questions including what will be deemed to be “fake news” (e.g. will dissenting opinions be deemed “fake”) and who exactly gets to oversee such a powerful position that basically has been given carte blanche to censor media outlets of their choosing?  Surely such an organization would have to be an extremely transparent, publicly funded, bi-partisan group, right?

Well, not so much apparently.  A quick review of Poynter’s website reveals that the organization is funded by the who’s who of leftist billionaires including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Omidyar Network.  Well that seem fairly bipartisan, right?




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