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Who can Jon Ossoff blame for his Georgia election loss?

Take a guess…it begins with a “P” and ends in an “utin.”

Democrat Jon Ossoff lost the election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District in stunning fashion to Trump-backed Karen Handel.

Ossoff was the perfect Congressional candidate for the Democrat party if the election were for a seat in Beverly Hills or Silicon Valley. Unfortunately the election was for a seat in Georgia, where voters could not care one bit about phantom Russian hackers.

Hollywood elite and Silicon Valley millionaire brats did pour upwards of $30 million in donations to Ossoff so he could win Georgia. That is real election meddling…California oligarchs doing everything in their power to win a Georgia district election.

With $30 million in neo-liberal, elitist cash down the drain, we wonder who the Democrats and liberal left crazies will blame for Ossoff’s election defeat…Any guess?

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Stop guessing MY guesses….

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