Western NGOs Fail to Get LGBT Groups in Greece to Protest Putin

On his first trip to a European Union country this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Greece over the weekend, where he stopped by Athens before visiting Mt. Athos, in what was a more cultural, rather than political visit. You can read an analysis of Putin’s two day visit here.

While the Russian President’s trip to Greece was largely celebrated by the Hellenic Republic and its citizens, who have a close bond to the Russian Federation through history, religion and business (tourism and energy), the event was not lost on western, neo-liberal NGO’s who tried, and failed miserably to disrupt the visit.

Of course they drag out the tiring and old “gay rights issue in Russia”, which is not an issue if someone in the gay community would just take the time to read the Russian law on the rights of gays to get to the truth of the matter instead of listening to western propaganda, which tries to make it seem like the gay community in Russia is some persecuted sub-segment of society.

Spoiler: they are not…and on any given day you can see gay and lesbian individuals walking Moscow streets unhindered.  Sorry neo-liberals and progressives, to rain on your parade.

A few people did mobilise (like 5-10 people) to show solidarity with their “oppressed” brothers and sisters in Russia. The turnout was weak and shows how the western “Russia is evil” message is failing miserably, no matter how hard the NGOs and western governments try to push it.

The News Sentinel reported:

Outside Parliament, a small group of demonstrators from a Greek gay and lesbian rights association gathered in protest against Putin’s visit, chanting “Greece, Russia, Homophobia.

“Protester Savvas Kleanthous said violence against gays in Russia goes largely unpunished.

“We’re here to support the Russian gay community,” he said. “We haven’t forgotten them.”

Here is a picture of the protest:

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.08.15 PM

And now here are photos that we are sure scare the living hell out of neocons, liberals, progressives and many western leaders.

Nothing is more despised by the “exceptional” west than a leader with religious values and cultural pedigree. For EU and US heads of state, Putin’s spirituality is the most dangerous of evils.


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