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Watch The Young Turks Give An Ignorant Assessment of Trump, Putin and NATO [Video]

Even if you do not agree with the far left viewpoint of online media channel The Young Turks, the show headed by Cenk Uygur does try to provide a sense of logic and truth to its progressive take on US politics.

Unfortunately, when the cast of TYT ventured into the world of geo-politics, foreign affairs, NATO and Russia…Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and John Iadarola, and Ana Kasparian displayed a level of ignorance and lack of knowledge that is shocking and dangerous.

Once again we urge the TYT cast to brush up a bit on world affairs and realpolitik, by reading the excellent post by George Szamuely on The Duran, “Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Potential Partners – Not Allies or Even Friends“, which gives the most accurate assessment to date of the Trump / Putin narrative.

Unfortunately we see the TYT cast buying into the liberal / neocon, New York Times propaganda, that plagues much of western thinking.

All the hosts, are visibly angry at Putin for his imaginary Ukraine invasion, his imaginary anti-gay law, and his imaginary killing of journalists.

I say imaginary because to date not one person, including John Kerry and the entire US State Department, can give an exact date, and precise evidence (social media i snot evidence) of when Russia invaded Ukraine. Remember in 2003 when US tanks rolled into Iraq for all the world to see. I want that type of evidence. It does not exist, because an invasion never happened.

Crimea was not annexed. The people on the peninsula, via a democratic vote, wisely choose ascension into the Russian Federation, rather than to remain a part of a neo-nazi Ukraine coup government, hand picked by Victoria Nuland.

No one has plans to invade any Baltic states TYT, use some common sense. Baltic nations provide absolutely zero benefit to anyone, other than NATO, who can use the poor nation states to play war games. Russia much prefers trade with these countries rather than expensive ownership.  Let’s not forget that Baltic nations are suffering from a massive population decrease that is the highest in Europe. Not even Latvian’s want to live in Lativa, why would Russian want it?

The homosexual, journalist, Putin narrative is becoming old and tiring to defend and dispel. If anyone at TYT had read the laws on the books in Russia regarding propaganda towards young children, they would see a much different picture than that painted by the liberal media. No such anti-gay laws exist in Russia…this is basic journalism 101, for anyone willing to look it up on Google, and question the garbage they are fed by western warmonger publications.

As far as killing journalists…not one shred of evidence has ever been provided on this issue. What we do have is a US military documented in its killing of dozens of journalists in combat, while US occupied Ukraine has seen 14 journalists and politicians murdered in the lat two years.

Finally NATO is anything but peaceful as John Iadarola tries to rationalize. What we have factually seen is a NATO expand eastward, against the reassurances it provided after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In its expansion NATO has morphed into an aggressive, offensive destroyer of nations…Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, and Ukriane, just to name a few.

Iadarola fails to mention the new NATO missile systems built in Romania and Poland, all for the sole purpose of having tactical nukes closer to Moscow, in case a first strike scenario is played out, at the expense of US client states in Eastern Europe.

Sorry TYT, but Trump is 100% correct. NATO is obsolete and dangerous. It has caused enough mayhem and death to last a lifetime. What we need is a pan-european security apparatus that includes Russia, and excludes the US.

Europeans share borders, history, and trade, in ways Americans will never understand. The US has no business being thousands of miles away dictating how Europeans should behave and act.

We understand that progressives and neo-liberals despise Putin, not because of his actions (which to date are completely reactionary towards western aggression), but because Putin stands for things that make liberals and progressives’ skin crawl…family, faith, traditional values, rule of law, and love of country.

Putin commands an approval rating that Clinton, Trump, and Obama combined cannot attain. He is no dictator by any means. Perhaps TYT best stick to domestic policy and try to figure out ways to stop the chaos, killing, and corruption in their own country before throwing stones inside their glass house.


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