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Watch Nancy Pelosi squirm in fear as she blames her email hack on “the Russians” [Video]

Nancy Pelosi got hacked, and Nancy Pelosi is also blaming “the Russians”.

Guccifer 2.0 has already claimed full responsibility, but never mind the small details…for the Democrats and the Hillary campaign, it all abut deflecting attention away from their massive government corruption, and towards a trusted and tried US boogeyman.

It’s absolutely pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous.

The irony is that the Obama White House ramped up its spying and surveillance activity on all the world, only to now have the tables turned.

Watch Pelosi speak in panic and fear, and witness what a true coward looks like as she talks about the ‘scores’ of ‘obscene and sick’ calls and messages she has received.

The Daily Mail reports

Pelosi told Democratic lawmakers that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other Democratic Party entities were the target of ‘an electronic Watergate break-in’ after personal and official information of Democratic House members and congressional staff was posted online.

As a result, a mix of personal and official information of Democratic members and hundreds of congressional staff, purportedly from a hack of the DCCC, was posted online, Pelosi said.

A hacker who calls himself Guccifer 2.0 took credit for posting the information Friday night.

He had claimed responsibility for the recent hack of Democratic National Committee emails, which roiled the Democratic National Convention last month.

Pelosi said she was flying from Florida to California when she heard about the posting of information such as cell phone numbers.

‘Upon landing, I have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voicemails and text messages,’ Pelosi said in her letter to colleagues. ‘Please be careful not to allow your children or family members to answer your phone or read incoming text messages. This morning, I am changing my phone number and I advise you to do so as well. ‘


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