Watch Megyn Kelly And D.L. Hughley Argue On Fox News, As They Debate Racism and Dallas Shootings [Video]

WOW…Fox News Host Megyn Kelly and Actor/Activist D.L. Hughley go head to head in this Kelly File segment.

The US is imploding from within. The recent Dallas shootings are just another example as to how the violence woven into America’s psyche is starting to tear the country apart internally.

Up until recently, this violence was strictly projected in the deserts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Now it’s in downtown Dallas, and Orlando, Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc…

Is Megyn Kelly correct, or does D.L. Hughley make a better point? It is useless to try to figure it out.

Liberals and progressives will side with Hughley, conservatives with Kelly.

Barack Obama has lead the US down a dark path, into the abyss. Clinton is vying to take America further down the rabbit’s hole, and the whole world will be placed on “open season” alert for Hillary’s regime change politics.

The US leadership is completely and utterly unable to recognize that the violence they reap, is a cancer that is eating away at the host. Post modernist crusade to wipe the world clean of cultural identity, ethnic race, and national history is simply not working.

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