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Watch Hillary Clinton’s ‘Useful Idiots’: The Young Turks Connect Trump-to-Putin Via ‘Cash For Estonia’ Deal [Video]

Hillary Clinton is now going all in on the ‘evil Russians hacked the DNC’ narrative. This is of course a clear effort to deflect and dodge the real issue at hand.

If this is Clinton leadership, then we are all in big trouble. Zero accountability, and no responsibility. Deflection and blaming others for her incompetence, that’s what America wants?

Hillary clearly cannot run an organisation, as security problems for her are systemic in nature, from the hacking of her private email servers (which she continuously lied about) to the DNC email hacking (which they are now trying to lie about).

In a tongue-in-check post from yesterday, The Duran noted that anyone buying into the latest ‘Putin did it’ excuse is truly a “useful idiot” for the Clinton campaign. Let’s not take our eye off the ball. The real issues are…

  • Another email hack while Hillary is at the helm.
  • The Democratic party’s poorly managed hosting of data.
  • More Clinton, sneaky lies that saw her cheat her way to winning the primaries.
  • The now public revelation that Bernie Sanders supporters were shafted and screwed.

Sure enough it did not take long for Clinton “useful idiots” to come on to the scene in the form of The Young Turks.

In the video below, progressive, liberal champions Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Michael Shure actually buy into the Russian excuse doled out by the Clinton camp…hook, line and sinker.

Not only do they support the Russian hack claim, but they even connect Trump to Putin via various business dealings Trump had in Russia. The ‘overwhelming evidence of a Trump-Putin bromance’, as host Cenk Uygur exclaims, is the fact that Trump does business in Russia.

As I write this, I am at a Starbucks coffee shop in Moscow. Is Starbucks Corporation a Putin mole? Using Cenk Uygur logic, anyone doing business in Russia is compromised, so that would make Starbucks a Putin tool.

The Young Turks connect Paul Manafort to Putin via Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovich. Trump is working with Putin to undermine Ukraine via Manafort. The Young Turks make an indirect plea to send lethal weapons to Ukraine (to help the progressive loving, neo-nazi putsch government in its fight with phantom Russian invaders).

So what if Paul Manafort consulted and did business with what was the democratically elected leader of Ukraine. Is it wrong to do business with a democratically elected leader?

I imagine TYT prefer it when George Soros does business with an undemocratically elected putsch government, put in place by Vitoria Nuland, and corrupted with oligarchs and neo-nazi stooges, whose idol is nazi WW2 collaborator Stepan Bandera.

TYT host John Iadarola should research Stepan Bandera, Azov Battalion, Right Sector, and see how well his liberal progressive values line up with these neo-nazi groups that currently run the show in Kiev. Progressives like TYT want to give lethal weapons to Bandera fascists. The Kiev government has no soft spot for LGBT values.

The Young Turks put on their geo-political hats, and connect all the dots to the current DNC email hack straight back to NATO, Estonia, and Deutsche Bank.

Are you ready for geo-politics as seen through the mind of American progressives?

  • Trump goes bankrupt and cannot get money from American financial institutions.
  • He turns to Putin owned Deutsche Bank(???) and Kremlin oligarchs to fund his business ventures.
  • Putin now has leverage over Trump, knowing full well that Donald will run for president.
  • Putin requests that Trump, in exchange for billions of dollars, give Russia the strategically important, wealthy state of Estonia.
  • Putin also request Trump dissolve peace loving NATO, and stop the sale of lethal weapons to the US colony of Ukraine.
  • In order to propel Trump towards the presidency and put this devilish plan in motion, Russia must remove the honest, progressive Hillary Clinton from the equation.
  • DNC emails are hacked by Putin’s expert hacker army, and given to Putin owned organisation Wikileaks, who then sabotage Clinton the day of her party’s convention.

Never mind the fact that if anyone is in bed with the Russians, then that would be Hillary, whose foundation has been the lucky recipient of $500,000 from Renaissance Capital, Russia’s largest investment banks. Using TYT logic Hillary is also under Putin’s thumb (via Zerohedge):

Needless to say, it is a stretch to attribute the actions of a lone, copycat hacker, who “hates” being attributed to Russia and who doesn’t like “Russians and their foreign policy.”

As for Trump being a secret plant for the KGB, one can make a far more “disturbing” assertion that it is Clinton, not Trump, who is in the Russians’ pocket. As the WSJ recalled in late 2015, it was Clinton, not Trump, that was paid $500,000 to make Russian problems go away:

“The Russian government was opposed to sanctions. At the time, the Obama administration was attempting to reset relations with Russia. The State Department rebuffed the request from Congress. “We…do not support such a measure at this time,” a department official wrote to one senator.

A few weeks later, Bill Clinton participated in a question-and-answer session at a Renaissance Capital investors conference. He was paid $500,000. After the appearance, Mr. Clinton received a personal thank-you call from Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister, the government news agency TASS reported.”

We wonder if the press (at least those who do not need DNC pre-clearance what to write about as “per the agreement”) will inquire about the factual transcript of what Bill Clinton said, that he got a “personal thank you” from Putin in 2010? We doubt it – far more likely is that instead of focusing on the real implications of the DNC hacking scandal, namely the corruption and collusion revealed inside the Democratic party, a far more important “story” will be what is emerging as a “vast left-wing conspiracy”, namely how Putin will annex the US if and when Trump, who “experts” will soon elevate to status of KGB spy to spike the narrative, becomes president.

Or that just a few weeks back, Hillary and the Democratic party was saying Russia could never hack her private email server…

And even if Russia leaked the emails to Wikileaks, they did the world a favor by exposing a cheating candidate, a cheating party, and a would be cheating President.

The New York Times is blaming the Ruskies for releasing those thousands of new emails disclosing the perfidy of the Democratic National Committee staff in pimping for Hillary against Bernie and trafficking with the major network news operations to manage and spin things Her way — and especially to rig the electoral machinery against Sanders. How much will his supporters Feel the Bern this week in Philly as the party attempts to put on an appearance of unity (Ha!) behind HRC? How can it conceivably be possible now for Bernie to stand by her side for the crucial unity photo op? I suspect he’d rather chew his right arm off.

For my money, the Ruskies should get the Nobel Peace Prize if they were behind the email release. What higher service to democracy than to expose the anti-democratic workings of the party that affects to call itself Democratic? The sudden appearance of 20,000 smoking guns made party chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz vamoose faster than you can say Debbie Wasserman Schultz, though her replacement, Donna Brazile is every inch just another blatant HRC foot-soldier. Perhaps she’ll have to orchestrate the proceedings with smoke signals or invisible ink instead of emails.

Never mind these facts….just listen to Hillary’s  “useful idiots” and move along.

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