Watch This French Policeman Refuse to Shake President Hollande’s Hand During Ceremony [Video]

Watch this French policeman refuse to shake France’s President Hollande’s hand, as he walks passed a row of officers at a ceremony honoring two policemen killed by a terrorist gunman. Hollande is obviously stunned and confused…at one point he almost appears to be caught at a complete stand still.

French President Francois Hollande is extremely unpopular in his home country, and has proven time and again to be a weak, feeble minded leader…but when this policeman refused to shake the President’s hand, then you know it’s rock bottom for Hollande.

The policeman also refused to shake hands with the country’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls as well. The obvious snub took place after a ceremonial speech honoring two policemen who had been killed by a gunman.

Sputnik News adds some background to the death of the officer…

On Tuesday, France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed that Monday’s attack on a police commander and his family near Paris had been an act of terrorism.

Earlier in the day, French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll also confirmed that the stabbing was “a terrorist attack.”

On Monday evening, a jihadist assailant stabbed 42-year-old police commander Jean–Baptiste Salvaing to death in the northwestern Paris suburb of Magnanville, and took the victim’s three-year-old son and the boy’s mother Jessica Schneider hostage in their home.

The murderer, who had recently been placed under investigation for alleged involvement in a jihadist recruiting cell, according to CNN, was identified as Larossi Abballa. After invading the couple’s home, he declared his allegiance to the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS) before he was killed by riot police.

The commander’s wife was also reportedly stabbed to death, but the child was rescued.


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