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Watch Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook say “Russian hackers” seven times as he squirms throughout interview

It is beyond amazing that Hillary and her corrupt cronies, pulled a “Russia did it” card out of thin air in order to distract from all her foundation kick backs and email ‘bleachbiting’.

Now the narrative is mainstream, actually believed by many journalists (who are coincidentally on Clinton’s payroll), and even puts the world at risk for full scale global war.

Reckless Hillary, doing anything to cover up her criminal tracks.

Her campaign manager, Robby Mook, is pushing the “Russian hacker” line hard in this interview with Chris Wallace.

Watch Mook, from the 5 minute mark onwards, mention “Russia” seven times. He even falsely says that this is now confirmed by the intelligence community, which is an outright lie.

The most interesting part is that unlike Hillary, Mook is terrible liar, smirking throughout the dialogue. We can only imagine that Mook is quietly saying to himself, ‘I can’t believe Americans actually buy this stupid Russian hacker sh**’.

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook objected today to everyone focusing so much on “stolen” emails. But Chris Wallace noticed some hypocrisy there… “The Trump tax returns,” Wallace said, “were stolen as well when they were mailed to The New York Times. You guys didn’t object to that. In fact, you jumped all over it.”

Mook immediately said they don’t know where those returns came from. Wallace insisted they were “clearly stolen” and said if it’s fair to look at the “fruits of that theft,” then it’s only fair to do the same with the Wikileaks Podesta emails.

Mook insisted that “this is the conversation the Russians want us to be having” while saying that they really can’t verify what’s shown in the emails. Wallace somewhat wryly observed, “I promise you, if these were not true, you’d tell us.”

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