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Was Bill O’Reilly “hot chocolate” meme a manufactured, propaganda “kill shot” (Video)

Was Bill O’Reilly “hot chocolate” meme a manufactured, propaganda “kill shot” (Video)

Jump to the 7:45 minute mark for Mike Cernovich’s explanation as to what finally took down Bill O’Reilly.

Cernovich sums it up as a manufactured “head shot.”

In Cernovich’s opinion (as a former lawyer and now investigative journalist who broke the story that Susan Rice unmasked Trump staffers), the “hot chocolate” meme coupled with the “grunt at me like a boar” was manufactured by experts who wanted to create a strong visual to persuade the public at O’Reilly’s indiscretions.

Scott Adams calls these kinds of memes and messaging tactics as “linguistic kill shot.”

For Mike Cernovich, the “hot chocolate” statement is simply too good to be true, as O’Reilly would never be so stupid so as to refer to a young black woman as “hot chocolate”.

You can decide what really took place so as to warrant O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News.

For Cernovich, the “grunted like a boar at hot chocolate” was a beautiful propaganda visual, that was effectively the final “head shot” aimed at removing O’Reilly for good.

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