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VOMIT: Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show writers read love letters to Hillary Clinton (Video)

YouTube comments destroy the entire, paid for charade, which was disgusting to watch

Twerky hollywood liberal Miley Cyrus and the Tonight Show’s female writers read gushy, love letter “thank you notes” to pathetic presidential loser “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.

What happened to late night TV? Where are comedians like David Lettermen, Johnny Carson, and Jay Leno who would never cuckold themselves to such low levels for the Clinton Machine.

YouTube commenters downvoted the official Tonight Show video over 6K times…

The top rated YouTube comments (in order) crushed Hillary and the very dumb Tonight Show writers…

Thank you Hillary for being such a horrible candidate that in spite of having the media, Hollywood, the globalists, Wall Street, illegal votes and a rigged primary plus over a billion dollars behind you, you still LOST.


And all the other female writers who didn’t want to meet Hilary probably got fired.


I didn’t even vote for Trump, but found this seriously cringe worthy……


How much did the Clintons pay for this little propaganda piece ?


The fact that she has a vagina is so inspiring!
Thank you for having a vagina

See how stupid this is?


this woman called women who didn’t vote for her weak. sickening


Hey jimmy how much did u get paid to give your soul to the devil


Hillary thank you for the Donna Brazile Scandal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Scandal, Email Server Scandal, Project Veritas Scandal (‘birddogging’ & voter fraud), Clinton Foundation Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Sex Ring Scandal, campaign bus Georgia Human Waste Scandal, Imaad Zuberi Scandal, Craig Livingstone Scandal, Norman Hsu Scandal, Vince Foster Scandal, Jorge Cabrera Scandal, Sniper Fire/Stolen Valor Scandal, Travelgate Scandal, Stolen White House Items Scandal, Whitewater Scandal, Benghazi Scandal, Tyson Foods Scandal, Paid Speeches Scandals, Lolita Express Scandal, Bernie Blackmail Scandal, “Basket of Deplorables”, “Irredeemables”, “Black & Latino Super-Predators”, “Rednecks”, “Severely Backwards Christians”, “Needy Latinos”, “Hates Everyday Americans” Scandals, “Open Trade and Open Borders” Scandal, 1995 Crime Bill Scandal, Vote for Iraq War Scandal, $12 Million Dollar King of Morocco Payment Scandal, Hillary Maid SCIF Room Scandal, The many Chelsea Nepotism and Payments Scandals (McKinsey & Co., NBC News, $10 million apartment, $400 million hedge fund, Clinton Foundation Vice-Chairman, IAC, NYU Vice-Provost,Use of Foundation Money for her Wedding, etc.), Marc & Denise Rich Tax Evasion Scandal, Russia Uranium Scandal, Haiti Aid Scandal, Haiti Bellerive Visa Scandal, Qatar’s $1 million ‘gift’ to Hillary while she was at State Dept scandal, Clinton Campaign Illegally Coordinating With David Brock Super PAC scandal, etc…….

Fox News’ sharp Greg Gutfeld was spot on, when he told Tucker Carlson, “This is world’s first anti-victory tour.”

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