Vladimir Putin watches helicopters from Russia and Belarus destroy simulated NATO air defenses (VIDEO)

Yak-130 aircraft of the Belarusian Air Force and Su-34 aircraft of the Russian Air Force practiced attacks on enemy targets by dropping aerial bombs and launching unguided missiles.

Officials from the Defense Ministry of Belarus said that destruction of air defenses of a conventional enemy by Russian and Belarusian military helicopters would be carried out today within the framework of Zapad-2017 joint exercises, as reported by

According to the report, servicemen from both countries will simulate actions to suppress violations of airspace and destroy air defense systems of the enemy.

Artillery units are working on reconnaissance, fire management training and fire attack training.

The second stage of the Zapad-2017 military drills began on September 17. Exercises will be conducted where Russian and Belarusian troops repel a staged invasion of Russia and Belarus.

Vladimir Putin observes the Zapad-2017 military drills in Belarus firsthand with his generals:

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