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Vladimir Putin warns NATO, Russia will “do everything needed to preserve the strategic balance of power”

Concluding a series of defense-related meetings, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Russian generals and defense industry captains in Sochi telling those in attendance that Russia will continue to develop advanced military technology to protect itself.

The Russian President said that the balance of military power was what had prevented a major conflict between the opposing sides during the Cold War, and that Russia will continue to oppose attempts to disrupt this strategic balance around the world.

Putin was explicitly talking about NATO’s global anti-ballistic missile defense system which is a direct threat towards Russia’s security interests.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a statement to the Russian Military…

“Our goal is to effectively neutralize any military threats to Russia’s security, including those of the [NATO] strategic anti-ballistic missile defense system, the prompt global strike concept and information warfare.”

“We will continue to do everything needed to preserve the strategic balance of power.”

“Leading world powers are currently using the most advanced scientific knowledge for weapons development. It includes laser technologies, hypersound technologies, and robotics. Russia is conducting such research too.”

“As we create advanced weapons systems we strictly follow the international obligations that Russia has taken upon itself. But some other nations, as we all know, cancel previous agreements. As was the case with anti-ballistic missile defense.”

RT reports that Putin was referring to “the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty in 2002 by the administration of then US President George W Bush.”

Moscow accuses the US and its NATO partners of compromising Russian national security by developing means to counter Russia’s nuclear deterrence, expanding the alliance towards Russian borders and developing advanced conventional strike technology that may be used for a large attack.

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