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WADA Olympic Report “Dangerous”, Makes “Sport An Instrument of Geopolitical Pressure”, Says Vladimir Putin

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report released today claimed that the Russian Sports Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) manipulated the results of Russian athletes’ doping samples in the run up and during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The report is headed up by Canada’s Richard McLaren, and is entirely based on the testimony of one person, former director of the Russia-based anti-doping laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov.

WADA reports that…

“Dr. Rodchenkov, in the context of the subject matter within the IP [individual person] mandate, was a credible and truthful person,”

Let’s break this down. We have US controlled Canada, heading up a doping report that is clearly aimed at stripping Russian athletes of their Sochi 2014 medals, and banning Russia from the Rio games…all based on single person’s testimony given to the New York Times…yes the newspaper of record, that reported consistently and without abandon that Iraq did indeed have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in 2003.

Suspicious…of course. This is the US’s latest instrument of pressure, in a full blitz effort to discredit Russian President Putin, demonise Russia, and try to finally create the conditions for a Maidan style color revolution on the streets of Moscow.

Once again we are left with the words of Vladimir Putin to break through the propagandized rhetoric of the West, and ridiculous fear mongering that the WADA report fall out will create.

We are sure the ‘evil and cheating Russian’ scripts have been mailed out to western main stream media outlets and late night talk show hosts.

As if US, UK, or Canadian athletes have never doped, or never took part in systematic doping. Remember BALCO anyone.

Putin properly calls out WADA’s intentions, and warns of the dangerous consequences that will result from another failed US driven foreign policy initiative…

“We see a dangerous throwback to political interference in sport. Yes, the form of such an intervention has changed, but the essence is the same: to make sport an instrument of geopolitical pressure and create a negative image of countries and nations.”

Putin, referring to the boycotts that took place during the Cold War said that the Olympic movement, which unites humanity, “can once again be on the verge of splitting” as the result of WADA’s report.

RT reports

“So-called doping scandals” have been used to get in the way of fair sports, Putin said, adding that efforts are being made to apply sanctions related to the alleged use of forbidden substances even on”clean” athletes.

Referring to the former head of Moscow’s anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov and his scandalous interview with the New York Times, the president said that Rodchenkov’s own alleged involvement in doping issues throws his testimonies related to the current affair into question.

A criminal case alleging the violation of anti-doping laws was launched against him in 2012, Putin said, adding that one of Rodchenkov’s “close relatives” who worked under his auspices has been found guilty in Russia “for trafficking of anabolic steroids.”

The entire WADA case is built on the testimony of a man who himself was found guilty of trafficking anabolic steroids. We are sure the US/Canadian government will compensate Dr. Rodchenkov handsomely for a job well done.

Sputnik News further reports that Russian President Putin said:

…that Russia will carry out an investigation into the doping scandal to prevent doping violations in sports.

Putin said that the WADA must provide more thorough and objective data based on concrete facts to assist the Russian investigation into the doping allegations.

He said that Russian officials mentioned in the WADA report as direct perpetrators of doping violations will be suspended until the investigation is completed.

“Recent events, the uneasy atmosphere around the international sports and the Olympic movement remind the beginning of the 80s of the last century,” Putin said.

According to the Russian president, in the 1980s, many Western states cited Soviet operation in Afghanistan to boycott the Olympic Games in Moscow. Four years later, the USSR responded with a boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics, he said.

“As a result, many Soviet and American atheles, as well as atheles from other countries involved in the campaign of mutual boycotts lost the opportunity of leaving their mark in history of international sport, while years of work and hard training went down the drain,” he said.

He added that athletes suffered due to political tensions.


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