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Vladimir Putin discusses NATO with Megyn Kelly (Video)

Vladimir Putin discusses NATO with Megyn Kelly (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin answers a hot topic question about NATO from Megyn Kelly, once again with logic and a knowledge of history that you will not find from many western leader.

Megyn Kelly asked…

“Does all this squabbling over NATO help Russia?”

Putin answered Kelly’s question at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (according to a live translation)…

“Well, in a sense that maybe, they should completely be falling apart, that will help.”

“But we don’t see that falling apart just yet.”

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“If you’re not intending to attack anybody, why increase your military spending?”

Putin questioned whether there’s still a reason for NATO to exist, pointing out that the 28-member alliance was originally created during the Cold War…

“There is no longer any Soviet Union but NATO is still there. The question is, what for?”

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That child of the Universe… Mr. Putin, is the epitome of grace, tactfulness, and deadly verbal parrying… Who in their sane mind would choose to set themselves up as “an opponent” to a man like that?
Kelly must be eaten up, nay overcome with unfounded arrogance and EGO to attempt to “corner” Vladimir Putin…


MeAgain Kelly’s question were laughed at and she came across as a soft
core bimbo journalist posing fake news questions to a panel of high

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