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US State Department denies giving coordinates of Russian hospital to Al Qaeda

US Department of State spokesman Mark Toner told reporters that the US has not been able to verify reports of a deadly attack on a mobile Russian military hospital in Aleppo.

Mark Toner said at a State Department briefing…

“I’ve seen the reports. We’ve not been able to confirm; it’s difficult to do obviously given the fighting and given the lack of access to what’s happened on the ground.”

He added, however, that Washington would condemn “any attack on the hospital or health care facility” if reports prove true.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that the Al Qaeda jihadist fighters had the exact coordinates of the hospital, thanks to “the United States, Great Britain, France and other sympathizing countries.”

“Beyond any doubt, militants of the ‘opposition’ were delivering fire. We understand who the militants received accurate data and coordinates of the Russian hospital admission department from.”

“The blood of our servicemen is also on the hands of those who ordered the killing. Those who created, fostered and armed these beasts… calling them… ‘opposition’.”

“On you, patrons of terrorists from the United States, Great Britain, France and other sympathizing countries.”

Here is video footage from the attack (courtesy Sputnik News Agency)…

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