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US pushes for all out war in Syria, Vladimir Putin pushes for a peace deal between Israel and Palestine

Yesterday the US Pentagon made a stunning announcement…in order to protect Kurdish forces (and Al Qaeda jihadists) fighting a chaotic war in Syria, an “excursion zone” was being set up on Syrian sovereign territory. Any Syrian and Russian planes trying to bomb jihadist forces in Syria would be taken down by US forces.

This is America’s last and desperate attempt to save whatever remains of their “moderate rebel” forces, also known as Al Nusra, who also go by Al Qaeda, and who sometimes switch over to the guys we all know as ISIS. 

Protecting the Kurds…well you can forget about the US backing a Kurdish state long term. This would infuriate Turkey, a key NATO partner.

Unfortunately for the Kurds operating in Syria, they are simply being used as cover, media pawns to protect the real golden boys of Al Qaeda, who have been entrusted by America, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the overthrow of the Assad government.

As the world now awaits for Russia’s always measured response to the Hollywood style rhetoric of the US Pentagon (which we are sure will include words such as “our partners” and “diplomatic solution”), Russian President Vladimir Putin has done the unexpected, once again, and changed the Middle East narrative.

Courtesy of Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi…

‘The Russian president has informed me that he has invited Palestinian President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu for a meeting in Moscow.’

This will surely anger US neocons and neo-liberal war hawks, and once again shows how little the US establishment understand about Russian diplomacy.

As the US opens up more war fronts and sews the seeds of chaos in the Middle East, Russia counters with peace talks, sewing the seeds of stability and pragmatism.

Haaretz reports

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed a willingness to host Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for talks in Moscow, Egyptian media reported on Monday.

Sissi’s remarks came as Israeli and Palestinians officials reported unsuccessful efforts on the part of European officials to try and arrange a similar summit.

“The Russian president has informed me that he has invited Palestinian President [Abbas] and Prime Minister Netanyahu for a meeting in Moscow,” Sissi said.

“Egypt supports these efforts and both sides are urged to participate and respond positively to the initiative for the sake of finding light at the end of the tunnel for Palestinians and establishing their state alongside Israel.”

According to Sissi, “Egypt’s relationship with both sides, Israelis and the Palestinians, permit it to play a central role in the attempt to renew the diplomatic process.” Nonetheless, he said, Egypt cannot be solely responsible, but will rather be “that which convinces the sides that if peace will be attained light will shine on the entire region.”

An Israeli-Palestinian peace deal brokered by Russia and Vladimir Putin…now that would be the something to wish for.


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