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Trump support skyrockets in middle America as media turns Trump family into victims

The never ending “Russia-Trump” story that has been playing on 24 hour repeat cycle for the last 9 months and counting, is doing little to change middle America’s perception of Trump and his family.

Actually it is having a reverse affect, making those who voted Trump into the White House toughen their support for the President.

The west and east coast hates Trump more than ever, but the liberal left did not need Russia fake news stories to accomplish this goal.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld sums it up best saying that he too “is exhausted” with Trump-Russia hysteria.

In the end, the only thing mainstream media fake news, the Deep State, neocons, and liberal left Democrats have accomplished, is to turn Trump and his family into victims of a vicious witch-hunt, and middle America now supports Trump more than ever.

According to Reuters the media’s constant Russian coverage has done little to turn the pro-Trump sections of middle America against the President…if anything, it has only served to bolster their support of the President and further erode their confidence in the media.

Many of the 20 people interviewed in several Ohio towns were dismissive of the barrage of headlines about a June 2016 meeting between Trump’s eldest son Donald Jr. and a woman he was told was a Russian government lawyer who might have damaging information about Democratic election rival Hillary Clinton.

In Little Hocking, Ohio, Lisa Walker, 54, runs a small thrift shop. Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the American flag, she says her husband has expressed fears that somebody is going to try and assassinate Trump.

She and her husband voted for Trump. She has followed the revelations about the younger Trump on the news. She sees the Russia investigation as proof that “people are out to get Trump. I would hope they have better things to do than play games and attack Trump.”

Similarly, in Jackson and Piketon, Ohio, Donald Trump Jr.’s troubles appeared to strengthen support for his father and Trump family members who many in the area see as embattled victims.

In Hillsboro, the county seat of Highland County, the editor of the Hillsboro Times Gazette, Gary Abernathy, says many people in the county believe the media is trying to destroy Trump.

“I don’t mind Donald Trump being treated critically or aggressively, but not in a way that is an effort to drag him down. Donald Trump Jr. had one 20 minute meeting with a lawyer from Russia and it’s wall-to-wall coverage.”

As Zerohedge notes, in reality, it’s quite obvious that the media’s mass hysteria is really only serving to bolster ‘The Resistance’ in the major metro areas of the country. But, as Democrats should have learned by now, rallying the disaffected liberal voters of New York and California is not going to win any national elections.

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