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US media’s latest fake news conspiracy theory: ONLY Russian journalists allowed at Trump-Lavrov meeting

Last month, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had a private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There were no photos of the event as it was a private meeting in every sense of the word. No one said anything at the time about this being unusual. People have private meetings all the time, whether it be a local businessman and his accountant or leaders of world powers.

Yesterday, Russian Foreign  Minister Sergey Lavrov held a similar private meeting with US President Donald Trump. The only difference is that in this meeting, two photographers were allowed in at some point during the meeting. From the looks of it, it appears the photos were taken either before or after serious discussions.

There was one photographer from Russia and another from America. For whatever reason, the US photographer’s photos have not yet been released while the Russian photographer’s images have been published by TASS.

Enter the fake news merchants with their narrative that ‘Russian journalists were let in’ while ‘US journalists were shut out’. This simply is not true. No one except one photographer from each side was let in. It was a private meeting. 

This hasn’t stopped many members of US mainstream media from becoming enraged over a non-situation.

Maybe these journalists ought to have a private meeting among themselves in order to discuss the definition of ‘private meeting’. If they do so, I’ll happily express my disappointment after the fact, when I grow upset about not being invited to their ‘private’ meeting.

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