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US Lt Col says “Russians are terrorists”, “Putin is pure evil” and “US, not Russia, killed al-Baghdadi” (Video)

This unhinged retired US Lt Col Ralph Peters, who is most likely now employed by the US military industrial complex as a “consultant”, believes Russia did not kill ISIS leader Baghdadi but the US did it.

The US Lt Col believes Russia is not fighting ISIS, but bombing the democracy loving US backed “moderate rebels” (aka AL Qaeda and Al Nusra) in Syria.

The US Lt Col believes “Russians are terrorists.”

The US Lt Col believes “Vladimir Putin hates us [the United States].”

The US Lt Col believes “He [Putin] is malevolent. He is as close to pure evil as I can find. He is also brilliant.”

The US Lt Col believes “He [Putin] is a killer.”

The US Lt Col believes “Putin is Hitler.” Tucker Carlson “is Charles Lindberg in 1938.”

The US Lt Col believes “Putin is as bad as Hitler” and “he hates America.”

The US Lt Col believes Syria is better off broken apart.

The US Lt Col believes believes Iraq should have been broken apart.

Tucker Carlson pushes back on many of Lt Col Ralph Peters outrageous claims…and while Tucker throws in the occasional ‘I also think Putin is a bad guy’ rhetoric (in order to placate Fox News executives), Carlson nonetheless makes the retired US Lt Col look completely stupid and unhinged.

The US Lt Col is right about one thing…when ISIS is defeated, the US will not be welcome by Syrians, because the United States “plays jailbird checkers, and Iranians and Russians play chess.”

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